Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dear John Schnatter

Dear John Schnatter,

I read your petulant comment that since it will require a 14 cent increase per pizza to provide healthcare to your employees, you've decided to just reduce full-time employees to 30 hours.  Sort of like you're sticking it to everyone that the election didn't go your way.

I am a very very loyal Papa John's customer but I have some news for you. 

You're a "ME TOO" product.  Pizza, even good pizza, can be found just about anywhere. 

I read the article today of your position on the issue.  Hey, you have the right to do whatever you like; it's your company.  But did you know that Starbucks offers healthcare to all of their employees, even their part-timers? It doesn't seem to hurt their bottom line.

After having read this article today, I found myself craving pizza like nobody's business.  So, I decided to log into Domino's and give them a try since it's been so long.  I discovered something while there.  They have a new crust called called Brooklyn Style.  OMG, that is my favorite.  They get what makes it so great.

You lost me the first time because of your petulance; but now you've lost me because I just discovered, Dominos has a better pizza.

There's a really really important saying in business, "People like doing business with people they like."  I think that's true for companies, too.  I don't like you anymore Papa John, you seem petulant and shortsighted;  I don't won't to contribute to your profits.

You just lost your first loyal patron.