Monday, November 20, 2017

Infinity Printing Supplies - Scam - Finally, they left me alone!

Ok, everyone, so it's been a while since they've called me.  I do believe, I'm officially off their radar.

I think that submitting a complaint to the Better Business Bureau helped with this.

If you have fallen victim to these guys and you have stumbled across this blog post, here's something I would like for you to consider.

You are not obligated to purchase ANYTHING from these guys.  Their spiel basically states that you, a small business with probably one or two printers, got a special discount because they OPENED a box so you could sample the goods at a cheap price.   And because they did this HUGE favor to you, you are now somehow obligated to purchase the rest of the box.

Think about this, really think about it.  Do you know how many small/sole proprietor businesses they are calling?  All of whom probably have Canon, Epson, HP ink jet printers like you.  HUNDREDS.  Do you really believe they have hundreds of open boxes laying around a warehouse just waiting for customers to come back and finish out the box?  Seriously?  Do you have any idea how expensive warehousing something like that would be?

NO!!! They did not open a special box for you.  They have a huge inventory of ink that they got their hands on really cheap and they are peddling it to you at much higher prices.  And the scam here is that they are telling you that they will sell it to you at a great price if you will buy more from them.  But I can tell you, it's not that great a price.

They don't put anything to you in writing!  Remember that.  You don't receive a confirmation of order via e-mail that outlines the terms that were offered in the initial phone conversation.  That way they can make up the story at a later time and you can't recall what you agreed to.  But you're a good person, and they know that, and you want to be fair.  So they try to guilt you into buying more.

I DID NOT BUY ANY ADDITIONAL INK BEYOND THE INITIAL PURCHASE. Nothing happened to me.  I'm still here and I feel no guilt.

If their business model really is to open perfectly good boxes of ink and sell a portion of those boxes to customers with the hopes that they will eventually buy the rest of the box, then that stupid business model is on them, not you.  You are not obligated to make their business model work.

Please do not fall for their bullying tactics and don't be afraid to hang up on them.  They will not agree with your position, no matter how angry you get or whatever argument you put forth.  You will have to hang up on them.  And yes, again, it goes back to you wanting to be a good person.  So you feel badly hanging up on them.  I can assure you, these guys set their alarm to wake up everyday to pressure people into buying something they do not want or need.  Do you think they lose sleep at night over this?  They do not and neither should you!!!

Hang up on them if you have to.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Infinity Printing Supplies - Over a year now and they just won't go away

It's been over a year and they are still stalking me.  They continue to tell me that I am obligated to buy more ink from them

I accused them of being a scam - a claim he adamantly denied.  Yet, I have 6 different phone numbers for them.  If they are a legitimate organization, why do they have to call from different numbers?  How is it they continue to get blocked?

Infinity Printing Supplies IS A SCAM.




Do not do any business with these guys....ever!!!