Saturday, March 31, 2007

Butterflies are free to fly. Fly away. Fly Away. Bye Bye

I released the third butterfly this afternoon. When I awoke at 10 this morning, I found the second had hatched and was ready to be released. The ritual is that I take it outside, let it rest on my finger until it flies away. But it seems that each one wants to linger just a little longer.

There are three remaining; and I think can tell which Cocoon will hatch next.

I got tired of waiting for this one to fly away on his own, so I stuck him on a rose bush.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Shhh Butterflies hatching

Last night I had an event celebrating the opening of my new business. I have these fabulous personal financial advisors and they hosted the event for me. It was absolutley wonderful and I had a great turnout.

One of my guests raises monarch butterflies and he brought me this most wonderful little gift. As you can see in the photo it's a "hatchery" of sorts for butterflies. He said it symbolizes my new business. When he gave it to me last night, there were 6 cocoons. Now as you can see, there are five as one has just now hatched. As soon as the butterfly's wings are dry, I will set it free.

How cool is that people?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Other Guys

This is my nephew's "band". He's the one singing this song.

The video quality isn't as good as it should be but he's the one at the beginning in the red shirt; reddish blonde hair, beard and mustache.

I'm not sure who wrote the song.

Their website is:


Monday, March 26, 2007

I love flowers.

I love flowers! My new place has a huge rose bush that is blooming like crazy. The flowers are just beautiful. they are somewhat like the antique roses. You know, the yellowish kind with the pink edges. It's hard to tell from the photograph.

And I was sitting out on my tiny little patio out front and I noticed what looked like Amaryllis leaves protruding from a bulb in the ground. A few days later, sure enough, a bloom is working it's way up from the bulb. There are four Amaryllis but it appears that only two have decided to bloom. I can' wait to see them. I wonder what color they are.

I brought four over myself. They bloomed the first year I had them but I haven't been able to get them to bloom again. I have them in full sunlight now and I've been feeding them. So, I'm hopeful that I can get them to bloom soon.

I also have pink impatiens that have been blooming. But when I moved, I had to cut the whole thing back. The move really stressed them.

Ok, that's all I have now. Yes, I do plan on taking photos of my new place, but it's still not quite where I want it to be.

Cheers everyone.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

I've been in my new place about 2 weeks now. My new home is the bottom half of a duplex. It's a pretty old building, about 80 years. I also have hardwoods and I'm not accustomed to them yet. The first night I was here, I thought I heard people walking in my apartment. It turns out it was my cats. They make a lot of noise when they walk...

So, today, my neighbors who live above me have moved in. They're noisy. Hopefully it's because they are moving things about and getting settled. Either way, I'm ok with it. I like the sound of having them above me. This is a big duplex and I've been feeling sort of nervous being here by myself.

I have a friend who is moving, too and she needs my boxes. I really want them out of my home so badly. I've broken them down but I hate having them here. I want to get rid of them. So she's asked me to give her another week before disposing of them. I hope she can get them this week.

I don't feel settled yet. I had an idea in my head regarding how my business was going to work and a move was not on the radar. I'm thrown off kilter. I'm trying not to let it have so much impact on me but it hasn't been easy. So, we'll see.

Ok, that's my update for now.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I moved!

Well, I did it. I moved. It was really really rough. I had been in these apartments 11 years. I made an apartment my home and accumulated a lot of things.

It was a very overwhelming project. I'm still unpacking boxes and putting things away.

I love my new place. I absolutely love it. I couldn't sleep the first two nights I was here. My cats had a lot to do with it. They are both nervous nillies and couldn't be still. I thought I was going to kill them. But they've finally calmed down. My bird is happy. She has her own spot with a window and she is adjusting just fine.

And to top it off, during all this, I even managed to write up a contract and negotiate a successful deal on a house for one of my buyers. That was a really nice little gift that life passed my way.

Anyway, I'll take some photos and post them soon.