Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

I've been in my new place about 2 weeks now. My new home is the bottom half of a duplex. It's a pretty old building, about 80 years. I also have hardwoods and I'm not accustomed to them yet. The first night I was here, I thought I heard people walking in my apartment. It turns out it was my cats. They make a lot of noise when they walk...

So, today, my neighbors who live above me have moved in. They're noisy. Hopefully it's because they are moving things about and getting settled. Either way, I'm ok with it. I like the sound of having them above me. This is a big duplex and I've been feeling sort of nervous being here by myself.

I have a friend who is moving, too and she needs my boxes. I really want them out of my home so badly. I've broken them down but I hate having them here. I want to get rid of them. So she's asked me to give her another week before disposing of them. I hope she can get them this week.

I don't feel settled yet. I had an idea in my head regarding how my business was going to work and a move was not on the radar. I'm thrown off kilter. I'm trying not to let it have so much impact on me but it hasn't been easy. So, we'll see.

Ok, that's my update for now.


Chris said...

I'm sure you'll feel settled soon enough. Are you going to post any pictures of the place?

Lisa said...

My cats sound like people, too!! They make the floor creak, they thunder around the apartment chasing each other. How funny. I hope you feel at home soon. Thanks for the encouragement on my Blog!