Monday, August 27, 2012

Mounting anger with the Republican Party

Here are two very interesting events. Event probably isn't the right word but I'm at a loss for something more appropriate.

Here is the first.

And the second:

I'm seeing a pattern of frustration in dealing with the Republican Party. They have become so dishonest and extreme and when you talk to them, they don't want to address any specific points. If you'll notice in the second video, the chairman continues to answer questions with questions. He won't address the issue. THERE IS NO DIALOG.

I'm seeing this with my extreme right peers.

This election is really important. The Republicans are out of control and I fear the consequences if they get re-elected in office. I've never been so concerned as this.

In both instances, the men are venting their frustration with the party. They are not allowing themselves to be interrupted because their point needs to be made.

Chris Matthews has a really strong B.S. meter.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wilkes, Akin and the Republican Party

I think that a lot of people don't understand the significance of the Akin slip. When Akin discussed the issue of legitimate rape, he was serious. He really did, and possibly still does, believe that to be true. Afterall, a real doctor said so.

But what does this doctor have to do with the rest of the Republican Party?

The Pro-Life movement wants all abortions banned; even in cases where the pregnancy is a result of rape and incest. The only political party that is going to make that happen is the Republican Party. The problem is that a lot of the men in that party are having problems with the idea of a woman being forced to carry her rapists baby.

So, forward steps Dr. Wilkes, whose role it is to help get these folks over the idea that a woman would have to be forced to carry her rapist's baby.

Recently, I used the word uterus on my facebook page during an argument with a right wing male friend during an argument about Akin. At the very mention of this organ, my friend decided to exit the argument - said the word uterus made him queasy. I believe this is very typical. The men in Washington who are being encouraged to legislate this law have no interest in understanding the biology and anatomy of the female body. If a doctor comes along and tells these men what they need to know, without using words like vagina and uterus, then that would be more comfortable.

Akin believed Dr. Wilkes when he said that a woman's body shuts down during a rape and prevents pregnancy. And I'm certain when he got that particular lesson on female biology, that he was among many of his Right Wing colleagues. His colleagues accepted this argument because it helped them to find it conscionable to ban abortion, even in the case of rape. If indeed a rape victim got pregnant, then the rape was not legitimate and the lawmaker doesn't have to feel guilty for his position on the subject.

Romney is not that far removed from Wilkes. As discussed in this article. He's trying to distance himself from Akin's remarks. And truth-be-told, Romney probably doesn't believe Wilkes' rhetoric. The problem, however, is that Romney probably wasn't vocal enough against it because he wants the Party's support.

The disturbing issue here is that Akin inadvertently pulled back the curtain and let us look inside. And what we saw was that men wanted to make decisions about the rights of women based on bogus information. It left us with the question regarding other bogus information they received on other issues. It revealed a complete lack of interest in gathering accurate information. The Republican Party has become a group of really ignorant people who have made it a point to remove themselves as far as they possibly can from the people they govern. They set rules without regard to impact.

Obama really needs to win this election. If he loses, I believe women are at risk of becoming less than 2nd class citizens. The Pro Life Movement wants to reduce the significance of a woman to less than that of a zygot and the Republican Party is about to deliver it to them.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Paul Ryan for, I mean, Vice President

Interesting choice this Paul Ryan for VP.

You know, I can almost hear Romney say "How do you like me now!?, Huh?....Huh?" He can't win this standing on his own two feet, so he picked someone younger, more vibrant, and with stronger ideas than his own.

In other words, he's defining himself through his Vice President.

So, Ryan's first stop is to campaign in Iowa while Obama is there. He's putting his VP up against Obama instead of facing him off on his own. Does this mean that Romney will face off against Biden?

So this leads to the next question.

Who, exactly, is the GOP presenting as it's choice for President? Romney or Ryan?

Romney's introduction of Ryan as the Next President of the United States sort of has a Freudian slip feel to it. Even when he talks up Ryan on 60 Minutes, he touts Ryan as a leader and a man who gets things done. In other words, it almost sounded like he was saying he had his own "Obama" on his team now.

Barack Obama doesn't need a strong V.P. pick to win this election; he's got what it takes to do it on his own. I think that's what it comes down to between these two men. Ryan claims that Obama isn't a leader but he's wrong. Romney is the one lacking leadership skills, that's why he's picking Ryan. People are going to listen to Romney but they are going to wait to hear what Ryan has to say.

Ryan's not the kind of man to compromise. He is very tough on his positions and I feel pretty certain that there is a gentleman's agreement between Romney and Ryan that in order for Ryan to agree to take this place on the ticket, Romney has to agree to Ryan's Plan for Prosperity.

Ryan has taken a huge risk; if they lose this election, this could be the end of his influence in Congress. People won't have as much confidence in his ideas.

I do have to say that I'm glad Romney chose him. In doing so, he really did clearly define the differences between the two options.