Monday, August 27, 2012

Mounting anger with the Republican Party

Here are two very interesting events. Event probably isn't the right word but I'm at a loss for something more appropriate.

Here is the first.

And the second:

I'm seeing a pattern of frustration in dealing with the Republican Party. They have become so dishonest and extreme and when you talk to them, they don't want to address any specific points. If you'll notice in the second video, the chairman continues to answer questions with questions. He won't address the issue. THERE IS NO DIALOG.

I'm seeing this with my extreme right peers.

This election is really important. The Republicans are out of control and I fear the consequences if they get re-elected in office. I've never been so concerned as this.

In both instances, the men are venting their frustration with the party. They are not allowing themselves to be interrupted because their point needs to be made.

Chris Matthews has a really strong B.S. meter.

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