Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Dog Days of Summer

I heard that the Dog Days of Summer was a phrase that came up as a result of Baseball. That towards the end of the season the last two months were the most gruelling. Then, the other day, I saw something that led me to believe that the term came from Wall Street. If I'm not mistaken, the term "dog" relates to bad stock and that summer trades are all dogs. I don't know, really I'm just pulling it together as I see it. But whatever it is, it alway gave me the impression that dog days were rough and tough days.

Well, I'm having anything but Dog Days. In my occupation, the industry seems to crawl in August as all the people who seem to need a place to live wanted to move in on August 1st. So, one could easily say that the days in July were my Dog Days of Summer. Now it takes everything in me not want to sleep all day. Something about boredom makes me sleepy and I wonder if it's the same for everyone.

Whatever the case, I can't seem to stay awake any longer and so I'm ready to slide between the cool soft sheets and chase some z's.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday, my favorite day of the week

Ah, it's sunday morning, well only about 4 minutes left then it will be afternoon. I've been awake for only about an hour. I love sleeping in on Sundays. I'm a Realtor and I help people find residential property to lease. Typically, I work every day of the week and I take great strides not to work on Sunday.

Sunday usually starts with me staying up late on Saturday night watching "The Practice" re-runs. I always liked that show and enjoyed the cases they came up with. I think Boston Legal is pretty good, too; but I really enjoyed The Practice a lot.

So then, when I go to bed, the first thing I do is turn off my alarm clock. Such giddy anticipation as I realize I'm going to get to SLEEP IN. I love sleeping in. It is such an event for me. It's a luxury for me and one that I treasure. If it's raining or storming then it's an even greater treat, like hitting a jackpot or something; but it rarely storms on a Sunday morning. I wonder why that is. Right now we're getting an afternoon shower.

I don't do anything special on Sundays. I order a pizza and muncho n it throughout the week. I practice playing the violin, I sew or nap throughout the day. And then in the evening, I watch tv, and end it staying up late watching West Wing re-runs.

Sundays really are the best.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

One of my favorite things

My brother, R, was visiting this week from New Mexico. I have another brother, M, that currently lives in the North side of town with my mother. So, when R visits, I usually hook up with him and M and we all go to the game together. Baseball, that is.

I absolutely love going to the game with my brothers. I love sitting next to M and making him share his coke with me. I love listening to the vendors peddle their soda, beer, peanuts and cotton candy. I love our stadium, Minute Maid Park. I love the fact that Houston is a city of such great fans and that we are all so well behaved towards the opposing team; except when it's Beltrand that's playing. Then we give him hell.

Yeah, I have to say that going to the game with my brothers is one of those moments that rocks.

Monday, August 08, 2005

When bad things happen on foriegn soil

There are a few cases out there that bother me right now. The first one is regarding Schapelle Corby. I have been combing the internet trying to find news regarding her case. My understanding is that she in the appeal process and that she had until August 3rd to get all of her witnesses together. Unfortunately, the judges want her to PROVE someone else placed it in her bag. The burden of proof rests on her not the prosecutution. This girl has her entire life and future ahead of her. The cold uncaring justices of this country cannot see her as a human life it seems. There is no consideration of how unjust this sentence is. If she cannot prove it was someone else who place this in her bag, that's it. The case is closed and she is to serve out her life in prison. The thought of this is horrific and I feel so helpless to be able to do anything about it.

The second case that bothers me is that of Natalie Holloway's disappearing in Aruba. There's a side of me that wonders if she was abducted off of the island. I want there to be closure for her mother. I want the Aruban government to feel pressure to solve this case.

I think that the bottom line is I that am disturbed by the lack of outrage about these situations. Are parents still arranging visits for their children to Aruba? Is the Australian government still freely assisting the government of Indonesia with their needs? Is this woman going to be abandonned? I'm not optimistic about this situation.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Commander In Chief - the tv series

Well, a new TV series is surfacing titled "Commander in Chief" about a woman President. Isn't that interesting? I wonder who's idea this was.

Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2008, there is no doubt. Actually she has been running for President over the last 5 years, only she hasn't had to do a whole lot. The Republicans have been giving her campaign lots of attention. There is a sales technique called "selling without selling"....if that makes any sense. So, I say that Hillary is campaigning without really campaigning. She is using the "is she, isn't she" cat and mouse game that the media feeds off of. Either way, if she can get the U.S. population to toss the idea around in their heads for close to a decade, she has a pretty good shot.

The interesting thing is that I'm sure there is still an idea in people's mind that a President should be a male. This TV series is going to address all sorts of scenerios to help the population see that a female really can be President. I think in many ways West Wing was to help the population see that a Democrat could actually be a strong and solid President. Something I think was heavily challenged by the Carter Administration. It's funny because in many ways, I see some of Bartlett (West Wing) in President Bush. But I didn't see any of him in Clinton.

I don't think that the timing of this series is coincidental. This series is designed to sell the population on the feasibility of a female as Commander In Chief.

So, how is Hillary going to swing winning the election?