Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday, my favorite day of the week

Ah, it's sunday morning, well only about 4 minutes left then it will be afternoon. I've been awake for only about an hour. I love sleeping in on Sundays. I'm a Realtor and I help people find residential property to lease. Typically, I work every day of the week and I take great strides not to work on Sunday.

Sunday usually starts with me staying up late on Saturday night watching "The Practice" re-runs. I always liked that show and enjoyed the cases they came up with. I think Boston Legal is pretty good, too; but I really enjoyed The Practice a lot.

So then, when I go to bed, the first thing I do is turn off my alarm clock. Such giddy anticipation as I realize I'm going to get to SLEEP IN. I love sleeping in. It is such an event for me. It's a luxury for me and one that I treasure. If it's raining or storming then it's an even greater treat, like hitting a jackpot or something; but it rarely storms on a Sunday morning. I wonder why that is. Right now we're getting an afternoon shower.

I don't do anything special on Sundays. I order a pizza and muncho n it throughout the week. I practice playing the violin, I sew or nap throughout the day. And then in the evening, I watch tv, and end it staying up late watching West Wing re-runs.

Sundays really are the best.

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