Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Dog Days of Summer

I heard that the Dog Days of Summer was a phrase that came up as a result of Baseball. That towards the end of the season the last two months were the most gruelling. Then, the other day, I saw something that led me to believe that the term came from Wall Street. If I'm not mistaken, the term "dog" relates to bad stock and that summer trades are all dogs. I don't know, really I'm just pulling it together as I see it. But whatever it is, it alway gave me the impression that dog days were rough and tough days.

Well, I'm having anything but Dog Days. In my occupation, the industry seems to crawl in August as all the people who seem to need a place to live wanted to move in on August 1st. So, one could easily say that the days in July were my Dog Days of Summer. Now it takes everything in me not want to sleep all day. Something about boredom makes me sleepy and I wonder if it's the same for everyone.

Whatever the case, I can't seem to stay awake any longer and so I'm ready to slide between the cool soft sheets and chase some z's.

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