Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Commander In Chief - the tv series

Well, a new TV series is surfacing titled "Commander in Chief" about a woman President. Isn't that interesting? I wonder who's idea this was.

Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2008, there is no doubt. Actually she has been running for President over the last 5 years, only she hasn't had to do a whole lot. The Republicans have been giving her campaign lots of attention. There is a sales technique called "selling without selling"....if that makes any sense. So, I say that Hillary is campaigning without really campaigning. She is using the "is she, isn't she" cat and mouse game that the media feeds off of. Either way, if she can get the U.S. population to toss the idea around in their heads for close to a decade, she has a pretty good shot.

The interesting thing is that I'm sure there is still an idea in people's mind that a President should be a male. This TV series is going to address all sorts of scenerios to help the population see that a female really can be President. I think in many ways West Wing was to help the population see that a Democrat could actually be a strong and solid President. Something I think was heavily challenged by the Carter Administration. It's funny because in many ways, I see some of Bartlett (West Wing) in President Bush. But I didn't see any of him in Clinton.

I don't think that the timing of this series is coincidental. This series is designed to sell the population on the feasibility of a female as Commander In Chief.

So, how is Hillary going to swing winning the election?

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