Friday, July 22, 2005

More thoughts on abortion.

With the imminent replacement of O'Connor on the Supreme Court just around the corner, the big topic is abortion. I have spent the last several days deeply contemplating this issue and trying to understand everything surrounding it. I, too would like to see less abortions, but less abortions using what method?

There is so much at stake here. To what end does this lead by denying a woman the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy? Taking away this right takes control over her own body out of her hands.

To state that abortion should be made illegal except in instances of rape and incest makes no sense. If abortion is deemed as murder, then it is murder under any circumstance.

Why does the "baby" of a rape victim not have the right to live?

And how does one enforce these "exceptions"? Should a woman come into a clinic and claim she was raped, will she have to prove it? Will the law state that in order for a woman who was raped to have an abortion she must come forward within 24 hours and prove she was raped? Will she have to file charges against the man who raped her in order to have the abortion? What if he threatened to harm her family if she comes forward and therefore she doesn't want to turn him in? Will that deny her the right to terminate a pregnancy from this event?

Why do people have issue with a woman terminating a pregancy? I don't believe that it has anything to do with the life inside of her. If the issue really was about "life", then these people who are "pro-life" would be doing so much more than just fighting abortion. They would be fighting to make it much easier to adopt. They would be fighting to make orphanages better places. They would be fighting to make sure that men were equally held responsible for pre-natal care. They would be investing their time in creating and enhancing alternatives. Instead they are self-righteous, zealous, bullies imposing their will on others.

I believe the root of "pro-life" is about control, not about life nor the quality of life. On what grounds does a woman not have the right to decide whether nor not to host a life in her body?

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