Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Story of Metisse - Part 1

Back, in 1994 I lived in a little efficiency on the Southwest side of Houston. It was actually the very first time I had my own place in my own name without any roommates. The apartment was in a scary part of town and I always worried that one night a bullet was going to pass through my bedroom window while I was sleeping.

The month was October and my father was several months into his battle against cancer. It was late one evening about 9:00 and outside, I heard a heard a kitty meowing below my window. I went outside and I found a kitten that appeared to be about 6 or 7 months old. She really, really wanted a home and from the looks of her, she appeared to have been abandonned. I thought she was cute so I brought her in to see if it would work.

I had a litter box already from a previous stray I brought in but who could not be house broken so I pulled it out again to see how she did. She used it immediately. Upon closer inspection I noticed that one of her eyes was clouded so I assumed she was blind in that eye. Eventually it cleared up. There was something in her behavior, too, that led me to believe that she was extremely grateful to me for giving her a home.

Now, since I was 16 years old, I had wanted a Himalayan. I had read about them and decided that breed was the breed for me. I knew I didn't want two cats so I decided to put the Himalayan on hold and take in the new kitty. She really needed me. After a few days, I decided it was time to name her.

The kitty's markings were such that she appeared to be a cross between a grey tabby and an orange tabby. To me, she was a "half-breed". So, I looked the word up in a french dictionary and the their word is "metisse". I liked the word and so decided that would be her name. It is not to be confused with Matisse the artist, though he could very well be "metisse".

Metisse also had very short front legs which later led me to believe she may have been part or whole munchkin. Her personality certainly seemed to fit.

I had never encountered a cat like Metisse in terms of affection. She seemed to love me as much as she loved her toys and as I moved about my tiny little place, she would follow, toys in tow. Her absolute favorite was a cosmetic brush I had decided to discard. One day, while tooling around my apartment, she followed me with her brush and dropped it. I picked it up and tossed it into the bedroom area. She immediately ran for it and brought to me to toss again. This kitty loved playing fetch.

When I took her in to be spayed, I had to leave her with the vet overnight. I bought a carrier just for her and then took her to the nearest animal hospital. When I went to pick her up after the procedure, the vet assistant told me that as soon as I left the hospital, Metisse threw a fit in her carrier. She thrashed around and over turned her food and water bowls. They told me that they think she behaved this way because she thought I had abandonned her. I felt so bad that she had reacted that way and agonized over it.

Sometime after I brought her home, she started to enjoy our nap time together. On weekends when I would take afternoon naps, she would lie on her back along my side and she would rest her head on my shoulder. When it was time to wake up, she would give me little teeth hugs on the cheeck. I had never experienced an animal with this much affection.

Metisse had one big problem, though. She didn't know how to manage her claws. In her playful ways, as I was walking to the front door, she would run up behind me and swat at the back of my legs. I think I would go through 7 or 8 pairs of panty hose a week. And she didn't know to retract them when we played. And then, she wouldn't use her scratch post. I was growing very frustrated with her, so in a fit of anger one day, I put her outside.

After a couple of hours, I called for her. She didn't show up. I kept calling and calling and she didn't return. I stayed up way into the night waiting for her and still, no Metisse. The next day, I wandered throughout the complex looking for her. I would have knocked on my neighbor's door to see if he had seen her but his van was gone, so I knew he wasn't around. I was sick thinking maybe she had been hit by a car or that she thought I didn't want her anymore. I didn't know what I was going to do of if I would ever see her again.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Story of Little Bear - Part 3

Dawn, clever Dawn, suggested I put a call into maintenance and claim that I have a bad leak in the sink and my kitchen floor is flooding. Then once they arrive, I could fess up and tell them the truth.

I didn't know what else to do, so, I did exactly what she suggested and had them paged. Thankfully, the maintenance guy me called instead of showing up. He would have been pissed since it was 10:30 by this time. I fessed up and explained to him my situation. He was really nice about it. He told me to do whatever necessary to expand the hole and get the cat out. They could come in the next day and seal it up for me so it wouldn't happen again.

I doubled the size of the hole and waited for Bear to reapper. It took him about 20 minutes to come back but he wouldn't come back through the hole. He just sat there, all I could see was his face. So, I reached through and pulled him through it myself. He didn't seem to be too happy about it but boy was I relieved to have him back.

Judy called the next evening and we talked for a long time. Her story was that her son and daughter-in-law divorced and the son was living in California. She was going to fly over to join him but had stuff in storage in Houston. She had to get tickets to fly and didn't have the money yet. She left a number where I could contact her so a few days later I called it and left a message for her to call me back.

A woman called me instead and told me she was the Director of the house where Judy was staying. Apparently, Judy was staying in a home designed for women in transition. One stays there for about $400/mo and the place helps women make whatever changes they are going through. They require some volunteer work in return. She told me that Judy would disappear for long periods of time, skipping her volunteer work and show up odd times. She asked me if I thought Judy was an alcoholic.

I didn't know Judy that well. I was just taking care of her cat but I could tell something was wrong. Judy left that house eventually and called me from some place else. To my knowledge she was receiving social security checks and was living off of them. She had one excuse after another for why she couldn't go to California just yet and asked me to just keep watching Bear. It seemed as though she would find a place to stay and then move on a month later.

This lasted for about three or four months and then she just stopped calling me. I think she's homeless. I offered to send her money but she wouldn't take it. If I lived in a house, I probably would have offered her a room.

In hindsight, I'm not sure her son is in California; though she has been consistent with the story, even with the Director of the first place she stayed. I thought maybe he passed away and she just hasn't dealt with it. Many things have gone through my head regarding her plight but I don't think I'll ever really know.

I just know that if I were in her same shoes, I would find great comfort knowing that someone like me was taking care of my pets.

Bear has grown on me and Mimi, too. He has a few querky ways which I'll share in another post. He is one of the sweetest kitties I've ever met and I absolutely adore him. Most times he just sits facing me with his eyes closed. He can never seem to keep them open. Inevitably, wherever I am in my apartment, he is only a foot or so away.

Ah, I am going to get a digital camera very soon so I can start posting some photos.

The Story of Little Bear - Part 2

When I got to my apartment, I set Bear's carrier, with him in it, in the farthest corner of my apartment and opened it. I didn't know how he is going to respond to my other cat, Mimi, so I gave each the farthest corners of my apartment. Very similar to the corners that boxers retreat to in the ring. I anticipated a cat fight, so to speak.

Bear explored while Mimi sat perched on her thrown, the nicest pillow I have on top of my bead. She growled when he entered the bedroom, so he retreated back to his designated area where I had also prepared a litter box, food and water. I gave Mimi her own stuff in my bedroom. I shut the door and went to bed.

I knew Mimi wouldn't look for trouble and Bear seemed to understand the boundaries, so the next morning, I allowed Bear full reign of the apartment. Off to work I went hoping that the two would make nice with one another and be friends.

When I came home from work that night, I couldn't find Bear. I looked everywhere: behind the sofa, under the sofa, in dresser drawers, closets, under tables and desks, behind tables and desks. He was NOT in my apartment. As I was standing in my kitchen trying to think where he could have gone, I saw his little mouse toy just outside the cabinet under the sink. He must have been carrying it around while I was away and found something more interesting.

I opened the cabinet thinking I had solved the problem. He wasn't there. The pipes under the sink did go through a rather large hole to who knows where. I wondered, "could Bear really squeeze through that hole?". Then I saw the clumps of his hair along the edges of the hole. He did squeeze through and I had no idea where that hole lead to. I was panic sricken, looking for mirrors and a flashlight to see if I could see behind the hole.

I was able to get a pretty good glance but I could not see him anywhere. By the way, there are three really nice blushes back there because I kept dropping whatever mirror I could fit into the hole. The only way he could have wandered to from there was to my next door neighbor and that was it. So I ran next door.

This is the very first time I met Dawn. What a sweety. She dropped everything she was doing grabbed her own flashlight and came over. We determined that he could not go beyond our two apartments and so we headed back to my place. As she was standing in my kitchen I was frantically telling her how Bear got here. And what the hell was I going to tell Judy? I lost Bear the first night he was in my home.

As I was standing there, we both looked down at the hole and there was Bear behind it, just sitting there. He wouldn't come back through. I'm not sure he could have because where he was was lower than from where he came. He didn't have gravity on his side to pull through. He was right there and there was nothing I could do.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Story of Little Bear - Part 1

About three years ago, Suzy, an American living somewhere in the UK wanted more than anything to acquire a chocolate brown pursian. She contacted every breeder in the land looking for one. During the process, she rubbed one of them the wrong way. And that breeder told all the other breeders not to let Suzy have one of their kittens. Not to be discouraged, Suzy created an alias for herself and after a few inquiries successfully acquired one. One that she named Bear.

Bear came to be somewhere in Ireland. He had soft chocolate brown fur and round golden eyes. Suzy brought him home and made him her own. A few months later, Suzy's husband's job brought them back to the states. So Bear moved from the UK to the US, a transition that was easy enough. Only having been in the States a few months, the husband was being sent on to Australia. Not wanting Bear to have to go through such extenuous quarantine procedures Suzy asked her mother-in-law, Judy, to take him for a while. So, off Suzy and her husband went and Bear stayed with Judy.

About two summers ago, Judy came into my life as a customer. She was looking for a very small place to stay until she could join her son in Australia. She hadn't decided yet when or if she was going to go. She really just wanted to visit and expressed to me that she didn't know what she was going to do with Bear, her kitty. I liked Judy and I thought she was a very nice person, so I volunteered to be Bear's keeper in the event she decided to visit. Judy, didn't take me up on that offer.

Later, in February of last year, Judy contacted me and requested that I take Bear for just a few weeks. As she put it, she was in a "bind". That same evening, I met her at an Extended Stay off I-10. When I arrived, Judy was standing outside her door with her bags and management standing beside her. I believe she was being asked to leave. Judy was proud and wouldn't tell me what her situation was, she just needed me to take Bear off her hands for a while. She wouldn't even let me give her a ride.

So, in a sense of desperation, she handed me his carrier, his food and toys, and his medical papers. I wondered as I drove away if Bear was going to be a permanent or temporary part of my life.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

About me

I Am:A little sister and a big sister; a daughter and an aunt. A beacon to some, a friend to others, a rival to few. I am someone who holds a deep respect for the things that the human mind can accomplish, I value a hard lesson learned, and I take very little for granted. I am someone who treasures anything that helps me achieve happiness and personal freedom. I am someone who both appreciates and is enslaved by my independence. I fight depression; I can't help but see a silver lining. I am sometimes insecure. I am the Queen of Wands.

I WANT: sincere friendships and a true connection with a man. I want a house with a yard, hardwood floors, and a porch. I want a family. I want to know that it isn't too late to reach my full potential. I want to be able to paint and play the violin without feeling like it has to be perfect; to be able to do it all for the sheer pleasure of it. I want to be enough.

I WISH: for inner peace. I wish I could wipe away the past. I wish my little brother and I were closer. I wish I had an easier childhood.

I HATE: My mother. I haven't seen or spoken to her for almost six years. She stood between me and my siblings, between me and my father, between me and my friends and boyfriends. She undermined everything that offered me opportunity for personal growth and success. I hate that my parents tore into each other throughout my childhood.

I MISS: A certain child who was the daughter of a man I loved; I miss her father. I miss being 14. I miss West Texas. I miss my 944. I miss my drowsy doll.

I FEAR: Being misunderstood, dismissed and unworthy.

I HEAR: The music from Cathy's blog, my a/c, my own breath, Little Bear cleaning himself, cars outside my window.

I WONDER: How people see me. If I will be satisfied during the last moments of my life. I wonder what my cockatoo thinks most of the time. I wonder who I might have been in another life and if I'll recycle through again. I wonder what my pets do when I'm not around. I wonder how different my life would be if I had married the guy who proposed to me in college.

I REGRET: Having taken so long to move on from someone who betrayed me, giving my heart to men who didn't deserve it, taking the wrong job at Andersen Consulting, selling my 944. I regret having allowed myself to grow away from my younger brother.

I’M Not: A cold or insensitive person. I am not altruistic.

I DANCE: with Little Bear.

I SING:In the shower, when a song is stuck in my head, when i know the words. I sing to annoy a colleague.

I CRY:When I think about the dead ends I vested so much of myself into. I cry when I realize my life isn't anything I thought it would be. I cry when I watch Extreme Home Makeover. I cry when I hear the song Honey. I cry at the opera. I cry less often than I used to.

I AM NOT ALWAYS:As together and strong as some see me. I am not always optimistic.

I Make: The most out of my life. I make things happen. I make macaroni and cheese a lot.

I WRITE: To purge, to express myself, to try to be understood, to define myself and my universe.

I CONFUSE:Work relationships with friendships sometimes. I confuse weekdays with weekends sometimes.

I NEED: A man in my life who will take the time to know me and be patient enough to allow me to know him. I need loyalty from those to whom I am loyal.

I HAVE: so much to be thankful for.

I LOVE: Rainy days, Thanksgiving Day, sleeping in on Sundays, going to baseball games with my older brother, the man who owns our business, Little Bear, Musetta and Mimi (my pets), chocolate, a good laugh, my younger brother, sundresses and strappy high-heeled sandles, convertables, music, Sunday Brunch with friends, sincerity, a warm bath on a cold day, to sleep in a cold room under lots of blankets, sleeping with a man in the spoon position. I love someone whose name I will not say. I love flowers.

I SHOULD Let him go. Forgive my mother.

La vie en rose!

My friend, Dennis, and I had a wonderful dinner together at a restaurant here in Houston called Cafe Montrose. It is a delightful little authentic Belgian restaurant. The food is very tasty and very, well, Belgian. And our waiter was soooo cute. And yes, he was authentic too. I just didn't get the opportunity to inquire as to whether he was Belgian or French. The French LOVE to make fun of the Belgians. Belgians are the butt of their jokes as Aggies are the butt of our jokes.

My closing on the fourplex was the 23rd. Everything went soooo smoothly. I would hope that all my future closings could be so easy. I deposited the check today and then immediately wrote checks to Mastercard. :( I ended up striking a nice friendship with buyer and will be having lunch with her next week. I'm really looking forward to it, she is such a nice lady.

I had the final meeting this evening with the developer we will be partnering with. Everything went really smoothly there, too. The president of our company feels comfortable with me, so he let me fly solo. I was able to close the deal on my own. And I was able to negotiate an acceptable deal for all parties.

So, this evening's meal was half celebration - half closure on an almost perfect day. What wasn't perfect about it? I don't know, I'm just afraid to call it perfect....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's Taylor Hicks Baby!

I think that McPhee is a great singer, but Taylor Hicks has that je ne sais quois about him that makes him rock! He is so talented AND sexy. It's the eyes. He's someone I would want to go to see in concert and watch on t.v.

I think he is soooo fantabulous!

So, anyway, that's my 2 cents.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Goodbye Sydney Bristow

Well, tonight was the final episode of Alias. I remember when I saw the first episode way back when. I think it was the first episode. Her hair was pink. I'm not sure if that was the first one or not but it was my first one. I think I had my T.V. for just a month or so.

I'm really sort of depressed and sad that it's over. I loved the characters: her father, Sloan, her mother, Marshall, Dixon, Vaughn, Sark .... all of them. Yes, even the evil ones. That's what I liked about the series; the same people stayed part of it throughout the years to the very end.

I just cannot believe it's over. I'll miss it.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Houston is going Wireless

I was scrolling through blogs this evening, specifically those blogs that are Houston related and came across one that stated that Houston is going to go wireless.

Our mayor, Bill White, who I love and adore is promoting a wireless plan for all of Houston. He has a real challenge on his hands, this is a big big city. Apparently the rollout is going to cover 600 square miles! This will be the biggest rollout ever. Can anyone spell ambition?

Apparently Houstonians will have to pay a "small fee" for the service. I wonder if it is something we will be billed for whether we use it or not...

It's getting pretty scary how dependent on technology we've become.

I asked a colleague the other day if he went to bed tonight and then woke up the next day and discovered it was 1985, how would he react? Would he go nuts without his e-mail and cell phone? I wonder if I would? I didn't even have an answering machine back then. No call notes. Of course, I would do the OBVIOUS. And that would be that I would invest every nickel and dime I had in Microsoft & Apple. And then later, in Enron, too. Hell yeah, and then sell like hell in 2000.

So anyway, I think it's sort of cool we're going wireless.

Oh, and here's the article

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Break from the airwaves

Ok, so from 1993 to 2001 I did not have a T.V. I had a sony watchman that I pulled out on special occasions. It was black and white and had a screen the size of a CD cover.

What did I do with all that time when I didn't have a T.V.? I read. I went out...yes, even on a school nite. SHOCK! I painted. I did things. My mind was quicker and more alert. I was creative.

So, I think that after the season finale of Desperate Housewives and American Idol, I'm turning it off. I would actually, physically remove it from my dwelling but I need it for DVD's. I have a portable DVD player, but I don't want to watch movies on a tiny screen.

I can be gluttonous about things sometimes. T.V. is one of those things I can be over indulgent on. And really, it contributes nothing to me except give me an opportunity to relate to colleagues and others who watch their favorite show. I think I've seen only a handful of Seinfeld episodes and Friends.

It was Alias that got me hooked. Now I'm bored with it. I didn't think I'd ever say that. This last season they kept switching the days around and interrupting the season to introduce new programs so I lost track and missed episodes.

Maybe, just maybe, if I can train myself well enough, I won't get back into it when the season picks up again in the Fall. And if I want to see T.V., I can go out to a bar or something and see it. I might not be able to hear it but I can see it.

Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
Removes the colours from our sight.
Red is grey and yellow white.
But we decide which is right.
And which is an illusion.
Moody Blues, Days of Future Past, 1967

Friday, May 19, 2006

I wanna go play

I really need some play time. The president of our company is taking the day off and going to Galveston with his family. I wanna go, too. Actually, I could go but I'd just end up going alone and that sort of sucks.

My friend that took me shooting the other day has a gorgeous Harley. I'm gonna see what he's up to this weekend and see if I can hook a ride. It might actually be sort of fun to do if we can hit some biker bars. I could not see me as a biker bitch. Although, it would sort of be fun to pretend :). I could get a temporary snake & cross tattoo for my arm. I just don't have any leather. And I'm so pasty white!

I've tried hanging out at Sam's Boat a couple of times but I think it is so obviously not my crowd that I stand out like a sore thumb. I thought it might improve when I had my Boxster but I just can't hide the goody two-shoes in me. I did have a bad-boy boyfriend once and we would hang out there. I actually had a lot of fun with him 'till I found out he had a girlfriend in prison he was involved with. That really sucked.

I skipped school one time with my friend. We were seniors in high school and it was the first time ever that I skipped class. The principal pulled me into his office demanding who I was with. I caved like a soufflé. I think back to that day a lot and wished that I hadn't given in. It was one day. The only day, ever, and we had so much fun.

And today. I really thought it might be nice to just sleep in until 10:00. I could do it, I'm an "independent contractor" but the guilt! The stupid guilt that drives me to work so damned hard. Well, that and the fact that I want to buy a house next year. Can't get the house if all I do is snooze.

And then, there is this pending sale. I close on the 23rd. The check is going right into my bank and then right to my credit cards. It'll be a good thing to pay them off but I want to play! I want to do something fun with the money! I can take some of it and do something for myself. I'll probably buy some shoes. I'd like a digital camera, too. We'll see.

I miss my Boxster. Today would have been a great day to have it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My take on Grey's Anatomy

Oh, where do I begin. First of all, I love the complexities of these all of these characters.

Christine, in my opinion, is the most complex and has the greatest deal. She is smart and driven. I see her as being extremely vulnerable and that is why she is so cold. Her love for Burke overwhelms her and I think she believes it stands in the way of her being able to achieve the things she believes she is supposed to achieve. She has an extremely intelligent, sensitive, patient man for a boyfriend. Additionally, she's a slob; this means she struggles with the mundane and wants to use her time and energy enjoying the more interesting things in life. I can relate to that. It's so easy to solve -- hire a maid.

Izzy. I have to say that she really grew on me this season. So far, she's my favorite character. I could so see myself doing what she did. I could see myself becoming so intense and blind-sighted about what I thought was the right thing to do. I think that was why I grew so anxious about what she was doing. I loved Danny. I think he had a fabulous sense of humor. A man with a sense of humor, in my book, is an intelligent man. So, I was really drawn to that in him. I was disappointed that they ended it with his death.

George and Callie are ok. I think their relationship is interesting but it doesn't have the deep undercurrents that exist between Christine and Burke. I am curious to see how it evolves.

I'm sick of Meredith and Derek. I do like Adison. Adison, to me, is all woman and is someone I would very much like to be. She's seasoned, she is in control of her actions and she knows why she is there. And though she may have some insecurities about herself and Derek, she's a very self-confident woman. She IS the Queen of Wands. I think Meredith has a lot of maturing to do and the fact that Derek would choose Meredith over Adison is beyond me. If Derek is a man in his own right then Meredith is not for him. She is not a woman yet. (Christine is more woman than Meredith, in my opinion). If Derek is not to be with Adison, then he needs to be with a woman of Adison's calibur.

Ok, those are my thoughts on Grey's Anatomy.

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm a type 7

I spent Saturday at a workshop that helped define personality types based on the Enneagram personality typing system. You can find more information on it at here. From there, you can go to the enneagram worldwide link and actually register to take the test and get more information.

The couple who bought my fourplex invited me to attend this workshop. It was fantastic. I learned so much about myself and about the personalities I clash with and why.

I proposed to the hostess of the shop that we start an Enneagram singles group. I think it would be awesome. She really liked the idea, so it's just a matter of whether I can squeeze it in and commit to it.

We'll see.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I gave blood

I was representing our company at a "wellness event" a company was holding for all of it's employees. What does Real Estate have to do with wellness? It doesn't, I was invited because the head of HR got hold of one of our marketing toys and liked it. She wanted me to hand them out at this event. So, I spun it and called it a "stress releaver". We take the stress out of finding a place to live.

St. Luke's Hospital had a small place set up with 4 beds for blood donors. I've never donated before, the thought scares the hell out of me. I decided it was time to do it and get over it. I may need a transfusion one day.

When I was in college I had a Swedish guy in a lot of my business classes. He was an arrogant SOB and was attending school on an American Scholarship; he played soccor. One time we were discussing donating blood. He said he would never donate blood because he didn't to risk it ever going to an American. I really didn't like that guy very much. My friend ended up marrying him and seemed to be happy enough. I wonder how they're doing now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bad News, Good News

Awe, Mandy didn't make it. I thought for sure that she would have made it. I think it was an important source for networking for her. She was going to be able to meet a lot of people and build her business through these connections. I haven't seen her since noon today. I hope she comes in the office tomorrow but I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't.

Now for the GOOOD NEWS! I sold the duplex I had listed! I sold it in just under two weeks. Nice chunk of change, too. I'm going to invest a lot of it in the business, though.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lurkers and Loyal Readers - Please help

To everyone who comes across my blog, I'm calling on you to do me a favor.

We have a new agent in our office who also happens to be one of the three finalists vying for the 35th position on the Houston Texans Cheerleading squad. Apparently, the Texans decided to do something different this year; they are going to let us decide who gets the last spot. You don't have to live in Houston to vote.

Mandy is really a very high energy, hard working, fun girl to be around. Even the NFL Cheerleader Blog is pulling for her.

From now to May 10th, VOTE. You can vote at the following:

Let's give Mandy a second chance to do her thing for the Texans!


Thursday, May 04, 2006

To take or not to take.

I have a fourplex for sale inside the loop. I have to accompany showings, so any time another realtor wants to show, I have to be there. Yesterday I met a Realtor and his customer at the property so he could show it to her.

I had never walked through to the back of the property but apparently, there is a grapefruit tree in the back. And it had many grapefruits ready for the picking. The residents said they never really eat the fruit, apparently it isn't that good. I suspect the tree probably needs plant food to produce sweet fruit but I'm not really sure.

So after they toured the property, I noticed that they helped themselves to the fruit. I think he took two and his client took four. The owner doesn't live on the property, so the owner doesn't know. And I know that the owner wouldn't care, either. But these people just assumed it was ok to take the fruit without asking me. I don't know how I feel about this. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thinking about getting a gun.

I spent the day with my right-winged gun carrying friend. He's a real fan of glocks, the gun of choice for the police force. He has about 6 of them and a 45 as well. He wanted me to get a feel for them and spent about 2 hours discussing safety and rules, etc.

I'm considering purchasing a handgun and then later getting a license to carry. The Glock I tried was Glock 19, I tried a smaller one which I thought I would like a lot but the trigger response on the 19 was really nice. Just as I was getting into it, he handed me his 45 to try. Wow, that's a powerful piece.

I'm really happy with the results of my efforts. From only about 9 feet away, I missed the target about the first 10 rounds. Then I started to get a feel for it. We must have gone through about 3 - 4 hundred rounds between the two of us. By the end, I was able to hit the target at 40 feet.

I'm really concerned about this avian flu that is going to hit us. And I don't know if I'm on track or not but I anticipate some chaos. I think that it is anticipated that we are going to lose approximately 30% of the workforce. It will be a while before I make the purchase and I plan to do a lot of shooting practice before I actually go for the license.

We'll see.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigration issues - bird flu

I've been thinking a lot about the push for immigration reform. I realize it isn't anything new but the White House seems to be pushing hard for a resolution and they seem to need one pretty quickly.

I think the impending bird flu virus has something to do with this. If this flu turns out to be anything like the Spanish Flu, we are in for some really bad days ahead. I suspect, the U.S. can't help everyone and we need to clear out those that aren't supposed to be here. Once the virus hits, people are going to try to flood our borders seeking medical assistance.

This evening, a customer shared with me a conference call he had with his company that was focused around HR concerns regarding the bird flu virus. They are anticipating how much of their work force is going to be hit and how it's going to affect their business.

I'm trying to imagine what it's going to be like when it hits. It's sort of like the way we all anticipated Hurricane Rita. We knew it was coming but it seemed so surreal. It hit, then we dealt with it. Except we were lucky and weren't hit so badly as we thought. Will bird flu be like that? Will it hit and turn out to be less than we thought?

The mortality rate in birds is close to 50%, I think some report it to be has high as 75%. I think they anticipate that rate to be around 2% among humans. That can be low if the percentage of the population it hits is low. But 2% could be a lot if the virus can affect a majority of the population. I suspect chaos and we will be extremely vulnerable to our enemies.

I hear we, the U.S., are bringing in nurses, and probably doctors, from all over the world. We're stocking up!

Yeah, the more I consider the issue the more I think this is the driving force behind immigration reform and why Bush wants to make it a felony to be here illegally. In light of this, I think I support him on this.