Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My take on Grey's Anatomy

Oh, where do I begin. First of all, I love the complexities of these all of these characters.

Christine, in my opinion, is the most complex and has the greatest deal. She is smart and driven. I see her as being extremely vulnerable and that is why she is so cold. Her love for Burke overwhelms her and I think she believes it stands in the way of her being able to achieve the things she believes she is supposed to achieve. She has an extremely intelligent, sensitive, patient man for a boyfriend. Additionally, she's a slob; this means she struggles with the mundane and wants to use her time and energy enjoying the more interesting things in life. I can relate to that. It's so easy to solve -- hire a maid.

Izzy. I have to say that she really grew on me this season. So far, she's my favorite character. I could so see myself doing what she did. I could see myself becoming so intense and blind-sighted about what I thought was the right thing to do. I think that was why I grew so anxious about what she was doing. I loved Danny. I think he had a fabulous sense of humor. A man with a sense of humor, in my book, is an intelligent man. So, I was really drawn to that in him. I was disappointed that they ended it with his death.

George and Callie are ok. I think their relationship is interesting but it doesn't have the deep undercurrents that exist between Christine and Burke. I am curious to see how it evolves.

I'm sick of Meredith and Derek. I do like Adison. Adison, to me, is all woman and is someone I would very much like to be. She's seasoned, she is in control of her actions and she knows why she is there. And though she may have some insecurities about herself and Derek, she's a very self-confident woman. She IS the Queen of Wands. I think Meredith has a lot of maturing to do and the fact that Derek would choose Meredith over Adison is beyond me. If Derek is a man in his own right then Meredith is not for him. She is not a woman yet. (Christine is more woman than Meredith, in my opinion). If Derek is not to be with Adison, then he needs to be with a woman of Adison's calibur.

Ok, those are my thoughts on Grey's Anatomy.


Freebird said...

I think the reason I don't like Addison is she's always come across as cold. Just my take though.

Christine is a very interesting character.

I don't like Callie for George. Not at all. I want George to end up with the Christina Ricci, the EMT who had her hand in that guy's abdomen during the bomb episode.

A Girl From Texas said...

Do you think that Christina Ricci will come back to the show? She was cute.

Freebird said...

I hope so and I hope she ends up with George. They would make a very cute couple.

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Christine and Burke are my favorites, too. Especially Burke. He's such a wonderfully complex character...I think McDreamy needs a foot up his ass. Just my personal opinion. And if I were Addison I would hae left his ass in Seattle and gone back to NYC already. Screw that. You know how many looks my husband would have to give to his mistress before I was outta there? About one.