Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bad News, Good News

Awe, Mandy didn't make it. I thought for sure that she would have made it. I think it was an important source for networking for her. She was going to be able to meet a lot of people and build her business through these connections. I haven't seen her since noon today. I hope she comes in the office tomorrow but I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't.

Now for the GOOOD NEWS! I sold the duplex I had listed! I sold it in just under two weeks. Nice chunk of change, too. I'm going to invest a lot of it in the business, though.


Freebird said...

Congratulations! That's great news.

Cathy said...

Too bad about Mandy. She will just have to put her charms to work in other areas I guess. She is an attractive lady and will figure out a way to make connections.

Great news on the sale and it happening so quickly. Don't throw all the money back into the business though. Got to treat yourself to a reward.