Friday, May 12, 2006

I gave blood

I was representing our company at a "wellness event" a company was holding for all of it's employees. What does Real Estate have to do with wellness? It doesn't, I was invited because the head of HR got hold of one of our marketing toys and liked it. She wanted me to hand them out at this event. So, I spun it and called it a "stress releaver". We take the stress out of finding a place to live.

St. Luke's Hospital had a small place set up with 4 beds for blood donors. I've never donated before, the thought scares the hell out of me. I decided it was time to do it and get over it. I may need a transfusion one day.

When I was in college I had a Swedish guy in a lot of my business classes. He was an arrogant SOB and was attending school on an American Scholarship; he played soccor. One time we were discussing donating blood. He said he would never donate blood because he didn't to risk it ever going to an American. I really didn't like that guy very much. My friend ended up marrying him and seemed to be happy enough. I wonder how they're doing now.


Cathy said...

Well, let's hope like hell the Swedish guy is doing well and won't be needing any blood. God forbid you donate blood and it go to him.

Reminds me of a French exchange student we had once. He was with us for three months and all he did was complain about the American culture.

I've never donated either and I really should. I'm a universal donor so my blood type could benefit anyone. Like you, it's always been a fear. Think I'll leave that one to conquer down the road.

I'm very proud of you though for doing what we should all do on a regular basis.

John McQuiston said...

Wait a second. Was your friend that the Swedish guy married an American?

He wouldn't risk having his blood go to an American but he's OK with having American blood in his children.

Talk about Swedish meatball. I'm guessing they're both happy. They're not married to each other any more but they're happy.

A Girl From Texas said...

Oh, it gets even better than that! When they moved back to Sweden, he couldn't get a job with a swedish company so he ended up workingfor AT&T....

So, yes, his child is 1/2 American.