Friday, May 19, 2006

I wanna go play

I really need some play time. The president of our company is taking the day off and going to Galveston with his family. I wanna go, too. Actually, I could go but I'd just end up going alone and that sort of sucks.

My friend that took me shooting the other day has a gorgeous Harley. I'm gonna see what he's up to this weekend and see if I can hook a ride. It might actually be sort of fun to do if we can hit some biker bars. I could not see me as a biker bitch. Although, it would sort of be fun to pretend :). I could get a temporary snake & cross tattoo for my arm. I just don't have any leather. And I'm so pasty white!

I've tried hanging out at Sam's Boat a couple of times but I think it is so obviously not my crowd that I stand out like a sore thumb. I thought it might improve when I had my Boxster but I just can't hide the goody two-shoes in me. I did have a bad-boy boyfriend once and we would hang out there. I actually had a lot of fun with him 'till I found out he had a girlfriend in prison he was involved with. That really sucked.

I skipped school one time with my friend. We were seniors in high school and it was the first time ever that I skipped class. The principal pulled me into his office demanding who I was with. I caved like a soufflé. I think back to that day a lot and wished that I hadn't given in. It was one day. The only day, ever, and we had so much fun.

And today. I really thought it might be nice to just sleep in until 10:00. I could do it, I'm an "independent contractor" but the guilt! The stupid guilt that drives me to work so damned hard. Well, that and the fact that I want to buy a house next year. Can't get the house if all I do is snooze.

And then, there is this pending sale. I close on the 23rd. The check is going right into my bank and then right to my credit cards. It'll be a good thing to pay them off but I want to play! I want to do something fun with the money! I can take some of it and do something for myself. I'll probably buy some shoes. I'd like a digital camera, too. We'll see.

I miss my Boxster. Today would have been a great day to have it.

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The Wind Will Carry Us said...

Its better may be, to play without money...its time we search for examples,i mean living examples who play around amongst the moneymongers,penniless...
anyways i liked ur post..carry on.