Saturday, August 13, 2005

One of my favorite things

My brother, R, was visiting this week from New Mexico. I have another brother, M, that currently lives in the North side of town with my mother. So, when R visits, I usually hook up with him and M and we all go to the game together. Baseball, that is.

I absolutely love going to the game with my brothers. I love sitting next to M and making him share his coke with me. I love listening to the vendors peddle their soda, beer, peanuts and cotton candy. I love our stadium, Minute Maid Park. I love the fact that Houston is a city of such great fans and that we are all so well behaved towards the opposing team; except when it's Beltrand that's playing. Then we give him hell.

Yeah, I have to say that going to the game with my brothers is one of those moments that rocks.

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