Monday, August 08, 2005

When bad things happen on foriegn soil

There are a few cases out there that bother me right now. The first one is regarding Schapelle Corby. I have been combing the internet trying to find news regarding her case. My understanding is that she in the appeal process and that she had until August 3rd to get all of her witnesses together. Unfortunately, the judges want her to PROVE someone else placed it in her bag. The burden of proof rests on her not the prosecutution. This girl has her entire life and future ahead of her. The cold uncaring justices of this country cannot see her as a human life it seems. There is no consideration of how unjust this sentence is. If she cannot prove it was someone else who place this in her bag, that's it. The case is closed and she is to serve out her life in prison. The thought of this is horrific and I feel so helpless to be able to do anything about it.

The second case that bothers me is that of Natalie Holloway's disappearing in Aruba. There's a side of me that wonders if she was abducted off of the island. I want there to be closure for her mother. I want the Aruban government to feel pressure to solve this case.

I think that the bottom line is I that am disturbed by the lack of outrage about these situations. Are parents still arranging visits for their children to Aruba? Is the Australian government still freely assisting the government of Indonesia with their needs? Is this woman going to be abandonned? I'm not optimistic about this situation.

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