Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gone yesterday, here today

Last year, in February, I went to visit my sister in Washington D.C. I brought with me, for some reason, one of my favorite rings. It's a gold ring with garnet and onyx and two diamond studs. I love red and black and wear the colors often so I really like that ring. However, I rarely wear the ring itself, I'm just not a jewelry person so I keep it in it's jewelry box.

When I came home from my vacation, I found a note in my apartment that stated that the maintenace guys would be coming into all of our apartments the next day to change out the filters and replace batteries in our smoke alarm. My place was a mess and I didn't have time to clean up.

So, a couple of days later I finished unpacking and putting things away and I couldn't find the ring anywhere. I looked all over the place. I couldn't remember if I even wore it on my way home and decided to call my sister in case I left it there. Nope, not there. Reluctantly I concluded that one of the guys who came through my apartment took it.

Early this month, a note was posted on my door that maintenance would be coming through to change filters and batteries in smoke alarms. I was really stressed by it. But now, my apartment is much cleaner so it's harder to take something without immediately noticing it.

The morning that were scheduled to come into my apartment my maid was cleaning. I told her they were coming and it would be ok to let them in, I was just glad she was going to be here. It's a lot more difficult to get away with stealing if someone is around to catch you doing it.

When I got home the ring was sitting on my night stand. Wow, what a shock. Did my maid find it or was someone's conscious bothering them and they decided to return the ring?

I finally had a moment to ask my maid. She told me she found it...under the bed of course. I was actually very relieved to know that one of the guys DID not steal it. I like them and want to feel comfortable about them coming into my apartment.

Anyway, it's a happy ending.


Freebird said...

I'm glad you found your ring. It's best not to jump to conclusions, but that's always easier said than done.

Cathy said...

Good thing you didn't make any accusations huh? I don't wear a ring very often but do love to buy them. I especially like pearl rings. I bought a new one about a year ago. I immediately lost it. I know it's somewhere in this house and one day I will wander upon it. It will turn up just like your's did.

God forbid a maid ever try and clean under my bed! That is where everything goes that won't fit anywhere else. Loads of stuff under there.

A Girl From Texas said...

I keep my tarrot cards under my bed and I have some candles and a book on witchcraft.....I keep it all in a shoe box but still, I wonder if she has discovered it.

Freebird said...

I doubt it. If she had (depending on her beliefs) she may not be cleaning for you anymore. People can be wierd about stuff like that.

A Girl From Texas said...

Yes, I do believe you are correct.