Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Second Wind

Hi everyone. Sorry for the long absence. I've sort of been depressed.

The landlord of the place I initially wanted to lease got a little greedy and decided to take advantage of my situation. I could have afforded what he was asking but I didn't like the approach. And I didn't like the fact that he left me hanging for 4 days while he decided what to do. I could have used that time to find something else.

So, I found another place in the Heights, which is a safer neighborhood than the first place. I'll be able to ride my bike and take walks in the neighborhood. Less than a block away there is a cafe, a Berry Hill, a burger joint, a pastry shop and an upscale restaurant. It's a really nice place and I'm going to be happy there.

Even though it's a better place, and a little more expensive, I've just been really depressed about the whole idea of moving. I finally placed the order to switch my utilities yesterday. I still need to order the truck so I'll do that today. I have people lined up to help me move. It's just a matter of it happening.

I checked my mail today and I had a couple of Valentine's Day cards. Awe. That really lifted my spirit. And then, I went to the apartment office and picked up two packages my sister sent me.

OH MY GOD! She sent me the cutest black and red purse. I know why she thought of me; it sort of goes with the colors of my business. My company name is in Red and my logo is Black and all of it lays over a white background.

So, then I opened the second box. She made me a memory book of this last Christmas we spent together. I absolutely love it. I love it so much.

It made my day and has given me the second wind I've needed to get through this month. I've done some business but I've been struggling getting out of bed. I've lost focus and I've needed a boost to get my "mojo" back. Anyway, her thoughtful gifts have given me the boost I needed.

I love her so much.


ranger said...

I used to live in that neighborhood. I only moved because I bought a house. It is a good spot! Moving stinks, but look forward to fun walks around the hood and having chocolate malts anytime you want (except Sundays of course).

Freebird said...

Unexpected Valentine's cards are the best.

That's so nice of her. You two sound like you have a really nice relationship.

Sorry, the guy ended up being a jerk, but at least you found out about it before you moved in.

A Girl From Texas said...

Ranger: Chocolate Malts? Is there a place in the Heights that serves them every day but Sunday? Do Tell.

Freebird; Yeah, and his place is still listed on MLS. Looks like no one else wants it.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you got your second wind.

Hang in there...

doggybloggy said...

hang tough GFT you always seem to come out of the wave swimming