Friday, January 08, 2010

Trying to get into the swing

Jeez is my life that boring that I can't come up with something to write about?

I could write about how friggin cold it is right now but that really isn't that interesting.

Am I blocked? Do I just not want to write about stuff that's on my mind?

I went through and visited some of the blogs on my crawl. Sunwolfie, Synaptice Misfiring and Occhio Grosso, they're all still blogging. Doggy Blog is going strong. Unfortunately, it looks like we lost Timmy (Str8upwithatwist). I'm very sad that Timmy is no longer blogging. :(

Synaptic and Occhio are my FB friends, too. Interestingly, I get a whole different side of them from their blogs. (Sunwolfie is a FB friend, too but she's also my sister, so she doesn't count) That's because FB is so superficial. I don't mean that in a bad way. Really, FB is just supposed to be snippets. Not as whimsical as Twitter, of course. And the interaction between FB friends is much more spontaneous and faster than with blogging. Blogging sort of requires a bit of time commitment because there's more material to post and read through.

Ok, well, that's about all I have today.

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