Saturday, October 09, 2010

What was Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy) thinking?

I have been an avid, true-blue fan of Grey's Anatomy since it started. I think it's a great program.

I was leery last year as I sat through the season finale and watched a cold hearted, yet grieving, man methodically kill each unwitting individual who happened to be on his path as he made his way to the main target, Dr. Shepherd. It was hard to watch but I got through it and finally started breathing again.

Then this new season began and I have found the cases very hard to stomach. In the opening episode this year, it was a kid who has to basically have his head/face broken in half and then operated on. We got a glimpse of how terribly difficult and somewhat paralyzing his recovery was going to be. The surgery on that was episode somewhat graphic and I found myself just wanting them to move on from the subject; somehow it just seemed so invasive.

And this last episode, well it just made me really angry. Shonda, how stupid do you think we are, really? There is no way you can lead me to believe that an educated, obviously professional couple with some access to health care in the UNITED STATES would allow a partner (much less oneself) to develop Human Papilloma virus to such an extend that 1) he would be 80%+ covered with warts, 2) he would have tree like hands and 3) his conditions would be so removed that he would be infested with spiders. Really Shondra? C'mon!

Cases of that extreme are in the poorer sections of Asian and Indian cultures where they have no access to the appropriate health care, clean housing, are clueless regarding the appropriate care and are surely not educated enough to speak English. This guy's English was very good and his wife was obviously well taken care of, even to the extend that she looked like a professional. Spiders? How the hell did he get a spider? He was not allowed to come into this country in this condition, so it's assumed his condition developed while living in Seattle.

That episode was so over the top gross that it is leading me to believe that Shonda is going for the shock factor and no longer confident that her characters' stories are strong enough to keep us coming back. All, I know is that I couldn't get through that episode fast enough and the case of that poor man has stayed with me even today. I feel nauseous about it and this is not how I want to feel. If I want to know about the health issues of the indigent people of third world countries, I'll go to National Geographic.

Watching something like that unfold while expecting to be entertained was not fun nor was it fair. I really hope that shock is not this year's theme for Grey's Anatomy, I don't think I can stomach much more.

I just had to get that off my chest.

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