Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fiscal Conservative - but with strings attached.

I am of the opinion that many intelligent, educated people on both sides of the aisle want fiscal conservative policies. The problem is that the party that seems to own fiscal conservative as it's issue also wants social conservative values. They have hi-jacked fiscal conservatism, so to speak.

So, if you want to have a fiscally conservative government and you vote them in, then you also have to accept that in so doing, this same government is going to do everything in it's power to force women to have children they do not want, prevent gays from marrying, demonize and alienate American Muslims and interfere in our personal lives any time they believe they have the moral right to do so.

We have been dragged into a very expensive war in the Middle East, why are we not screaming about a Return On Investment for this war? What is our ROI anyway?

And right now, the Right Wing just wants power. If they can sabotage everything the current President does just so that they can stand up and say "See, he can't do it, you need to elect a conservative leader", then they will. Because they are NOT about ensuring conservative policies, they are about being in power.

I am so discouraged by what Right wing Party has become. It's vicious, ignorant, dark underbelly is surfacing and steamrolling its way into power. When I was on FreeRepublic, I never really took them seriously because they were so dogmatic. I didn't think anyone would listen to such hatred and close mindedness. I was so wrong! People I know and like and respect actually spread bad information about issues just to undermine the current administration. There is no regard or respect on their part for truth or accuracy. Those pesky things just get in their way.

Why can't we just have conservative fiscal policies and let the other stuff go to the way side? Why do we have to force unwanted children onto this planet? Why do we have to create such hatred and fear towards people who don't believe as we do? Why is it a problem for me or society if my gay neighbors marry and adopt a child?

We are human before we are Conservative or Liberal. Asking me to support the conservative position on social issues in order to get strong fiscal conservative policies is asking me to stop being human. It feels like there is a parasite hooked onto the fiscal conservative train; and it's gotten bigger and uglier.

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