Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Letter to Romney

Dear Romney:

Why should I vote for you to be President of the U.S.? I see that you are a financial success and that you found ways to make money by exploiting opportunities. Yes, you're very clever at making money.

I am not in a position to exploit any situation in order to make a living and I don't have money to put into a Swiss bank but am in a position to earn my living. I work very hard earning my money.

My problem is that I want to like the choices I've made at the end of the day; can you relate to that? Having money in the bank is important, yes. Being able to meet all my financial obligations is important, yes. But I need to like who I am at the end of the day.

Should I be finding more ways to exploit the system so that I can put more money in my bank account? When you decided that outsourcing was a good idea, did you care about how this would impact anyone? If these tough choices were necessary in order to keep making money for yourself, what tough choices should I expect you to be making if you're President? Who will you really be thinking about when you make those tough choices?

Do you believe it's ok to make a buck anyway you can....as long as it's legal? Is that the standard, now?

"Make a buck anyway you can as long as it's legal" I wonder how long I would be in business if that were my motto.

I have to believe that I can be an honest, forth-right person and still be able to make a living and even have something in the bank. It's detrimental to my happiness.

I just don't think you get that. Something tells me, it's all about the win and the money. Everything else can fall to the wayside.

Tell me, how are you a better choice than Barack Obama?

A Girl from Texas

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