Sunday, November 13, 2016

Is Paul Ryan being the Adult in the Room?

In my opinion, there was something patronizing in the meeting Donald Trump had with Paul Ryan.  Ryan sat next to Donald Trump and told America that they were going to Make America Great Again.  Something about the way he said it and the way Donald was sitting next to him, I couldn't help but invasion Ryan patting him on the head.

And then, more recently, he's made it very clear that a round up deportation will not be taking place even though Trump, during his campaign rhetoric, made it very clear that was his plan.

I don't think they anticipated him winning this election, I really don't.  I believe the plan was to get Hillary elected with a cloud over her head, making her less powerful.  So, now they got him.  I think Ryan wants to make sure he has a real tight grip on things.

I'm curious how long Trump is going to respond to Ryan's calling all the shots.  I also am very curious with regard to how Trump is going to handle the limitations that come with his position as he continues to deal with Congress.

I absolutely hate the turnout of this election, I really do.  It makes me ill just thinking about it.  But I have to admit, I'm very curious to see how things turn out.  Unfortunately, I don't see any way to stop the reversal of so many rights that were won during this last administration.  That is the biggest tragedy of all.

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