Sunday, March 26, 2006

Checking in

Sorry I've taken so long to post something. My life just has not been that interesting lately. Or rather, maybe nothing has come across my plate interesting enough to write about it.

I've been working on my quilt, I have 6 blocks done leaving 24 to complete. At this pace I'll be done with it in time for next winter.

My sunday brunch was held at Backstreet Cafe today. What a gorgeous day this was. I love our Sunday brunches!

Nothing else to post right now.....


Cathy said...

I've got the same thing going on in my life...NOTHING of interest. Which, I suppose can be a good thing.

Your day sounds nice and I hope your week goes well. Glad you checked in.

Freebird said...

At least you're staying busy with something you enjoy. :-)