Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What exactly is the deal?

For the most part my blog isn't really a political blog. I didn't set it up to be that way. I did set it up to be a place for me to just vocalize whatever I felt like saying no matter how silly or serious the subject. I wanted the range to be any topic I felt like discussing.

Right now, I'm very bothered by the case that is working it's way to the Supreme Court which is now populated with Bush's people. I feel helpless. I feel like there is this machine that is in place that is steamrolling over all of us. Bush is behind the wheel and there is something so very sinister and deceptive about it. So, my only recourse is to try to be as outspoken and persuasive as I can.

This is the only method of promoting change that any of us have that shouldn't put us in jail. But with this administration, one never knows.

The Religious Right is drooling at the bit. The Patriot Act, Wire tapping, one of their own in office.... this has to be a dream come true for them.


Chris said...

The country now is so far from what the Founding Fathers imagined... it's really sad. Corruption compounded over time created our country as it is today, which is one with the illusions of freedom and choice.

Every time the federal government takes away a right from the states or the people, a kitten dies.

A Girl From Texas said...

We have to save the kittens.