Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Job

Well, so far things are going well with my new "home", so to speak. I'm afraid to write about it because I don't want to jinx it. Things are sort of slow but I have a lot of influence over how we do things so that's a good thing. But, still, I'm scared, you know?

Here are a list of some positives:

1) My broker bought me a laptop. Yippee
2) My broker wants to allocate marketing dollars towards my goals. Hello?
3) I have re-designed our website and they all like it. Yay!
4) My office does not smell like a sewer. (My old office did for some reason)
5) No one tells me to "shut up". (I had a colleague that hated it when I clicked my pen or sang, or got excited...etc. and he was vocal about it)
6) There are a lot of men who are so handsome and have money that walk through our door. Oh my god. I'm so excited about that.
7) I have a good broker.

Ok, well, that's about it for now. Like I said, we don't want to jinx anything. :)


Freebird said...

#6 is reason enough to stay.

A Girl From Texas said...

Yes, I would have to agree.

Cathy said...

Your broker is going to allocate marketing dollars? That is unheard of!!

Even with the marketing money #6 sounds like the true reward for the new job. If any good looking old farts come in send them my way OK? I'm in the market for a rich one with one foot in the grave.

A Girl From Texas said...

Yes, marketing dollars..... I know. He's a good man. But he's a perfectionist. My patience is definitely being tried and I'm scared shitless as I watch how slowly things happen.

I'm here to learn something, I know it. And I believe that once things are in place, I'm going to be find.