Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More campaign thoughts.

I think that the Republicans made a mistake having their debates so early in the game. A couple of weeks ago, I heard a commentary on NPR where they were saying that Guiliani had incredible support in South Carolina and that it was shocking because he is pro choice and supports gay marriage (unions).

Guiliani watered down his position during the political debates and has lost his footing and he is now neck and neck with McCain. When I saw that Guiliani watered down his position, he lost my support. The way he watered it down insulted me. It was a coward's approach. What I HEARD was, I support the idea of pro choice and gay unions but I support the party line, too. Somewhere in there, Guiliani stopped being Guiliani.

So, now I'm back to the Democrats AND drum roll please...... I am even open to the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton! OMG, what a shock! Here is this born and bred Republican girl entertaining the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton.

Why the change? Because I believe it should be the responsibility of the next administration to exit from Iraq for a lot of reasons. First of all, the administration that makes the exit needs to believe in the exit because it's going to require a lot of thought and work. Secondly, the exit strategy might be complicated so I think that it should be done while there isn't going to be a "change in command". And thirdly, I believe it should be done by someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience of the region. I think Clinton has that and she has Bill and his experience.

I do believe that over the years Hillary has become more conservative than when she became First Lady.

I do wonder if Barack could be a world leader.... I think I have to watch and see.

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Jason said...

Wait until Fred Thompson joins the race.