Friday, May 11, 2007


I love a good storm, especially when I'm home and cozy and dry. At least, I used to love a good storm.

Since I've moved to my new place, I don't like them as much. For some reason, lightning strikes very very close to my duplex. I'm talking feet away, and it is so loud, it makes my teeth hurt. It's very unnerving and I can't figure out what it is that makes lightning strike so close.

My Blackberry Pearl arrived yesterday morning! I wasn't expecting it until Saturday. I'm so very very happy to have it. I just love it. I like the feel of the touchpad. I'm not accustomed to the trackball, yet. I like the maps feature, as a realtor, that comes in very very handy. I like that it has a loud ring. My last one had such a soft ring. Sometimes, I would hear my cockatoo say "hello"...."hello" and that was how I knew my phone was ringing. She could hear it but I couldn't.

I hit pay dirt on this one.


Freebird said...

I love storms too. I don't even bother getting wet in them.

Hey, how's the business? Hope things are going fine.

A Girl From Texas said...

Things are going well. I was able to finally spend some money on myself this month. I've been so frugal, it's wierd to actually be able to splurge.

Freebird said...

Helloooo? Anyone home?