Sunday, November 04, 2007

Post with no title

It's been so long since I've posted anything I think my loyal readers have probably moved on. Still, I'm torn. Do I account for my 6 month's absence or pick up as though I never left? I don't really have an explanation for my prolonged absence other than I just didn't feel like i had much to say. I don't even know what to title this post.

My first year on my own in my business has been a very good one. I have been blessed. If someone had told me that this was how my first year was going to go, I don't know that I would have believed them. I plan on hiring a PR/Marketing company to carry me to the next step. I'm nervous about it because it's a lot of money but I think I'm doing the right thing.

There was a brief moment where I was dating someone. It didn't last long. I just don't think he was that into me. I can't really pull anything interesting from the our time together except for the story of how we met. He actually inadvertently followed me to a local place for breakfast. He didn't intend to, he just did. And the place that we went to is frequented by gays. And he was driving a miatta, so at first I automatically assumed he was gay. Then while we were waiting for a table, we started chatting with one another. Then when they called his name, he asked me to join him for breakfast. When he asked me out on a date a few days later, I knew he wasn't gay. I told some gay friends about him and they told me he was "metrosexual". That's the first time I'd ever heard that term and they explained it to me. Yes, he was definitely metrosexual. Our little dance lasted about three months.

I've taken some of the money I've earned this year and revamped my wardrobe a little and completely changed my makeup. I even went to Jose Eber and had a make-up lesson from Edward Sanchez. And a new hair color from Urban Retreat. I also lost quite a bit of weight. I don't have a scale, so I don't know how much I lost but my clothes are much looser and I can see a difference in the mirror. I feel great. I don't think I'll ever be a size 6 again, though, because my body has changed. It's not weight that's keeping me at an 8/10, it's a shift in my body.

Little Bear died in July. He was sick on a Sunday, I took him to the vet Monday morning and then that afternoon he died at the vet's office. No one know what killed him. I had recently had my home exterminated for roaches but the vet was pretty adament that it the insecticide wasn't the source of his illness.

I loved that kitty and wanted to get another persian, so I did some research and found the sweetest little boy. He's white and red, also known as a bi-color persian. Since he looked celtic I wanted to give him a fitting name. His name is Seamus Heiney MacCool. Seamus Heiney after the Irish Poet and Finn McCoul is an Irish character. But I wanted him to have some Scottish too, so I butchered the name McCoul and changed it to MacCool. He's a little love machine. I absolutely adore him.

I saw a really good movie recently that everyone should see. It's called Lars and the Real Girl. It's such a sweet poignant movied. I loved it.

Ok, what else? Oh, I have lots more to say, I'm sure. It's just been so long since I've said anything. Cheers everyone.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, I have stopped coming over since you don't post anymore, but for some reason this morning I clicked the link from Solipistic and there you are! New business, semi-boyfriend, I can see why you haven't written.

Sorry about your cat, but it sounds like you were able to let another one in.

A Girl From Texas said...

Hi Amy. thanks for stopping by. i don't know if this means I'm going to be posting a lot but hopefully I post more than I have been.

Freebird said...

Finally! A new post! Sorry about your kitty and congrats on the business.

My biggest news is I broke up with John. It's been 2-1/2 months. I wanted marriage and he didn't know what he wanted. I just couldn't deal with it anymore, but I guess in the end he wasn't that into me either.

John said...

It's your blog. Write what you want when you want. You owe no one any explanation or apology.

Chris said...

Yeah, I thought you had dropped off the face of the planet. I made my blog private, so just send me an email ( and I'll send you an invite.

A Girl From Texas said...

Freebird I suspected something was up when I went to your site and it was private. And then I went over to Johns and noticed that you were not posting comments. I'm sorry to hear it, I thought you were a cute couple.

John, thanks for the support. It is a lot more fun to post when you have something to say then to post because you feel obligated.

Chris, i'll pop you an e-mail so i can keep up with your hockey stories and sweet epiphanies about your children.