Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Big Day

Today is a big day for me. First of all it's my Birthday! and secondly it's the first anniversary of my business!

Nothing exciting to report on the Birthday front. A couple of dinners and lunches planned and that's about it.

I'm very excited, however, about my business. I had a stellar first year AND I hired my first agent last week. I have an agent, I'm so excited. She got a very sweet deal because she IS the first. My goal is to have 5 by June. I'm hiring a PR/Marketing to totally revamp my website and at some point perhaps redo my logo.

I'm trying very hard to get my little brother to join me. He's in Clovis NM right now but is contemplating relocating his family to Texas. I was looking at my logo and I realized it's very girly. If I want male agents, I might need to have it redesigned. It's not a priority at this moment but it is something that is definitely worth revisiting.

I've been a chatterbox lately. For months I've been absent and then suddenly, I can't stop posting..... Funny how life works.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday! All morning, as I've written the date, I kept thinking "December 18 seems like it's somebody's birthday, but I can't think who." I must have known subconsciously.

That's great about the business, I'm glad it's doing so well!

A Girl From Texas said...

Awe, thank you Amy. IT's actually my birthday week. Thats the new thing amongst my friend. I went out this =eenvvening and drank a little too much but I my friends are taking me out on thursday, too. Plus I had a friend take me out Monday. So, I've upgraded to Birthweek..... It happens at my age....so I'm told. :)

I don't know, Im uust a liitl tipesy right now....

Chris said...

Happy Birthday and congrats!