Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dead or Alive?

If you are a Patricia Cornwell fan and have not yet read her latests Scarpetta book "Book of the Dead", then stop here. This is a spoiler!

So, if you read the book and you walked away wondering if Marino was dead or alive, I'm pretty sure he's alive. This book ended sort of abruptly and I'm weary of the tension between these dysfunctional people. I often wonder if they even like one another and if they have any happy moments. I wonder if Cornwell suspects that and that she left us with a cliff hanger to so she could get another chance to keep us drawn in.

I'll always love her Scarpetta series. I don't think that I would ever stop reading her stuff in spite of the problems her characters have. I just get tired of all the tension, I feel like they should move on by now.

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