Sunday, July 13, 2008

I love my smoothies and other stuff

Lately, I've started using Soy milk instead of regular milk and I actually like it. I use the Silk brand. Since I've never been one to drink down a glass of milk, and I have traditionally just used milk for cereal and cooking, I don't notice the difference in taste.

So, now I'm into smoothies. I think I have one every day. Today was raspberry banana, yesterday strawberry and banana. I use low fat yogurt as base also.

I think there was a day or two when I didn't have one and I was afraid that my bananas would go bad on me, so I threw them in the freezer. Ummm, I think your supposed to peel them first. I tried to peel a frozen banana this evening and it didn't work. I just used a knife and peeled it like a potato.

Boy, do I love my daily smoothie. I bought mango and hope to try a mango one tomorrow. I have to be careful about getting too ambitious with the produce. It's just me and I have to be sure I can eat everything before it goes bad. Its just so tempting when one is walking among all that fruit and the smoothie ideas begin to flow.


I had an open house today for one of my listings in Spring. Last week we had a good turn out but this weekend, I had only one person walk through. The good thing about last weekend's open house is that a couple came in that needed a Realtor; and they liked me. So they asked me to help them find a house. I took the wife out on Saturday and we looked at 11 houses. We were going to take a second look at two houses this afternoon after my open house and then quite assuredly put in a contract on one of them. Something came up and they had to postpone.

I was sort of bummed out but it was important and it couldn't be helped.

I put red and gold balloons on my open house signs. Today, only one balloon popped. Last week I think 4 of them popped. When I got home, for some morbid amusement, I tied one to each of my cat's tail. Mimi was totally oblivious. She walked around as though nothing was wrong. Seamus was scared by it. So I had to take it off.


I had a date Friday night. I had gone out with this guy last year. We had been dating about a month or so but something wasn't quite right. Apparently, he was seeing someone else, too. Which is ok because we weren't exclusive. But things got serious between them and then it didn't work out. So now he's come back. I feel like I'm second choice here. I liked him when I first met him and would really look forward to seeing him. But I don't feel it here. We'll see.


doggybloggy said...

smoothies rule..........

A Girl From Texas said...

Yes they do!