Thursday, October 02, 2008

The patient & Vicadin

The patient has cancer. No one wants to say it, the Medical Chief and all of his doctors have said the patient, at the core is healthy. Well, we recently discover that the patient has cancer and we discover this because pain has raised it's head.

The doctors all come together for an emergency meeting to discuss what to do. A very important meeting with all sorts of really "smart" people. And rather than address the cancer and start a regimen on Chemotherapy and radiation. They decide to give the patient a high dose of vicadin to hold off the pain with the promise that they'll meet later to address the cancer.

I dreamt last night that I was being chased by giant machines with big ominous feet that wanted to crush me. I went to bed and woke up with an anvil on my chest. No to the bailout is an indication that D.C. understands that this is not a solution to anything. A plan to address the cancer is what it needed, NOW.

This bailout is bad news. If anyone thinks that once this bail out is done everything is going back to normal, they're mistaken. Without the bail out, we're all in this mess together. Rich, poor, middle-class...everyone. With the Bail Out, just Wall Street is taken care of and the problems that Main Street will face are suspended for just a little while.

I really don't trust D.C. to address the cancer patient, not even Obama.

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