Wednesday, November 05, 2008


What a night, eh? I knew Obama would win this but I wasn't expecting such a great victory. I'm so proud of him.

And McCain's concession speech! What a beautiful speech. That speech made me so proud.

I had gone to the Democratic Party "Party" Headquarters with a friend to watch the results. It was being held at a local hotel. It was crowded and not enough screens were available. So we headed out to Champs, a local sports bar with lots of tv screens. The sound was turned down but we could see the results. We sat only about 15' away from one of the big screens, drank wine and downed cheeseburgers.

It was amazing. The manager was afraid of fighting among his patrons and would not turn up the sound. He finally agreed to turn it up during Obama's speech. We got tired of waiting for Obama to speak so we headed out; however, we were able to catch it on the radio. My friend drives a Miata, so we had the top down. Then we sat in his driveway, under the stars, and continued listening to the speech. It was phenomenal.

I'm just so glad it's behind us and that it was such a clear victory. There is no doubt that America has chosen her leader. And for the first time since Reagan, I believe America had a very clear choice to make.

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