Monday, May 09, 2011

Obama Kool-Aid

I saw the 60 Minutes Interview and I am so impressed by our President. He is cool. He is calm and he has nerves of steel. I don't think there is any public figure right now that would have had the courage to approve a mission that had only a 55% chance of success. I'm telling you, nerves of steel.

So, all I hear from "anti-Obama" people is that I'm drinking the Obama Kool-aid. You know what? I want to know who's serving who Kool-aid.

First, for two years, the Right tried to serve the "Birth-er" flavored kool-aid. They wanted to serve me the flavor that represents that Obama is NOT a U.S. citizen. They wanted to do everything they could to ilegitimize the Presidency.

Then, they started to serve the "Obama is a muslim sympathizer" flavored kool-aid. I can't tell you how many people tried to convince me that Obama was going to allow Sharia law into our constitution. Many have tried to tell me he's a "closet" Muslim.

The "Obama is a communist" flavor didn't last for very long.

Maybe I'm just declining THEIR Kool-aid.

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