Saturday, November 21, 2015

Infinity Printing Supplies - OMG, they just won't go away!!

I received a call a few months ago from a company called Infinity Printing Supply offering me ink at a discounted price.  I can't remember how many cartridges they sent me.  I had a trial period and then if I didn't like them I could send them back.

When I got the invoice, it wasn't as cheap as I initially thought it would be.  When they called for payment, they agreed to reduce the price and I paid them.

Now come the calls.  They are relentless.  They are trying to tell me they opened a box and broke the count, sending me only a portion of what's in the box.  When will I buy the rest of the box, they ask.

I don't know, I may never buy the rest of the box.

They keep telling me, "but we opened a box".  I ask them, am I your only Canon customer?  Are you telling me you can't sell those to someone else?

So, now they are going through a litany of other items they can sell me.

I don't want to buy anything from them.  They call and they call and they call.

So, if you get a call from Infinity Printing, (more than likely if you're reading this it's too late) run like hell.  You are not saving any more money than if you bought your supplies from Staples.

And I'll tell you this, also, they don't send you an e-mail confirmation of your order before sending it.  So you don't have anything in writing from them.

I won't say that they are a scam but I will say they are predatory.

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