Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Infinity Printing Supplies - Complaints

So, I wanted to give you an update on my ongoing battle with Infinity Printing Supplies. (Here's the rest of the story- be sure to read it)

They still continue to claim that they broke open a box of ink for me in order to give me the discount on the ink they sent and that I need to buy the rest of the box.  I must be the only Cannon customer they have because if they are sitting there waiting for me to finish the box, they are wasting a lot of money on storage.  Why not just sell the rest of the box to the other company that broke open a box for.

It's a scam, I know.

They try very hard to sell me more stuff.  They call from different phone numbers.  I think I have three of them saved in my phone so I know it's them when they call.  The guy that calls is very pushy, it's gotten to the point he won't let the conversation come to a close unless it's a successful sale, so I have to just hang up on him.

I also noticed that they have a website titled "Infinity Printing Supplies - Complaints", it takes you directly to their home page.  They work very very hard to keep the real complaints about their company on the second or third page.  This means they are aggressive about controlling their page rankings.

I think I probably should post some photos on my posts about them so that I can improve my own rankings.

Oh, and by the way, I did NOT get that great a discount on the ink they sent me AND the ink is generic brand.  They are making a really nice little profit on this ink.

I think I'll stick with Staples; they don't call and bother me.  And, when I place my order, they e-mail me a confirmation of my order along with pricing.  No surprises, no pressure.  Just business.  Nice.

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