Monday, December 19, 2005

Bush, are you getting it, yet? (Soap Box Alert)

So, you're asking us to understand and support your war in Iraq. You've asked us to set aside our disagreements with your policies and support your efforts in the name of Freedom.


You are methodically taking away my rights over my body. You are taking away the rights of my sisters, my daughters, my grandaughters, my nieces and grand nieces to choose what is best for their bodies. You won't stop until you've won that battle.

I'm not helping you win your battle against the naysayers. You've betrayed me.

You have put your religious beliefs above your duty as a commander in chief and have allowed them to influence your decisions. You are standing in the way of stem cell research. You are catering to the Religious Right and handing them ungodly amounts of power.

Go take your pleas to the Religious Right. Get Pat Robertson and company to rally support for your war. You've bent over backward accomodating them, it's time they give back something to you. What? They're too busy imposing their own religious agendas on the rest of us to help you? Power is a pretty interesting phenominon, isn't it?

So, how about you put aside your own personal religious convictions and pave the way to allow for stem cell research. How about you start supporting women's rights over their own body? How about you prove to us whose hope for a future of personal freedom is slowly being dashed by the power of the hungry imposing Religious Right that you are on our side. Until then, you're on your own.


eaf said...

A tidbit you may find interesting... the judge who just slammed the Pennsylvania School Board for trying to force teachers to lie to their students about evolution and Intelligent Design was appointed by none other than George Dubbya himself. Wonder what the religious right will do about that... hmmmmmmmmm

A Girl From Texas said...

You know, I also find it interesting that the White House is a target of their attacks for sending out "Holiday Greetings" instead of "Merry Christmas" cards.

Now he can feel the bite of the monster he is letting out of the closet.

Cathy said...

Better be careful little girl from Texas. We have a president who is into wiretapping and twisting laws to suit himself. I'm not sure it's safe to have a negative opinion of anything the fool does anymore. I'm not sure that he isn't the biggest monster of all.

A Girl From Texas said...

So, if I suddenly disappear, you know why...... :)

Chris said...

Don't worry - if they took away everyone who was saying something about Bush, this country would be barren.

A Girl From Texas said...

I don't want to become another Michael Moore but I have to admit, I understand the source of his anger because I feel it within myself. And I think it's fueled by G.W.'s attitude of "I 'appreciate' what you're saying, but I'm doing it my way anyway". And I guess when he asked us to set aside our differences and see it his way, I just lost it; because we've been asking the same of him.