Sunday, December 18, 2005

E-mail in a time capsule

I just came across this article titled a "Sending the future you e-mails"

In a nutshell, you can send yourself an e-mail to arrive in the future.
This is an interesting concept. The thing about this type of project is that you write the e-mail, send it, then forget about it. If it's something you keep remembering or going back to, it won't have the same impact. So, what happens if your e-mail changes? Hmmm, no e-mail I guess.

I think this is a pretty cool idea, nonetheless. There are some publicly displayed e-mails if you want to read them. Go check it out.


Freebird said...

That's interesting. Did you do it? I don't know what I'd tell myself.

A Girl From Texas said...

I was going to do it. I started an e-mail...but it was turning into a novel. So, I'm not sure if there is a magic way of doing it.

I'm still entertaining the idea.