Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Boxer brief - for girls

I had to go to Target yesterday to get some things from Target and on the list were "unmentionables"....oooooh. I was with my friend, Dennis. Dennis is gay and I love him to pieces. He's become a good friend.

So anyway, we go to the undies section and I find boxer briefs for women. So I buy a couple of pairs to see how I like them. They are sooo comfy, I love wearing them.

Dennis is really a lot of fun to shop with. He has really good taste in a lot of things. As most of you already know, I love to sew. So about two or three months ago, he and I went to a fabric store here in Houston called High Fashion Fabrics because I wanted to buy fabric to make a dress. When Dennis got wind of this, he wanted to go with me and pick out the fabric. He picked out the most beautiful fabric! I love it. I wore the dress to John's musical when it was performed at Lambert Hall. According to my sister, I turned heads. So, I take Dennis with me a lot when I go shopping.

I'm going to get me some more of these boxer briefs....for women.


Freebird said...

Are boxer briefs more like briefs or boxers? When I think of briefs I think of tightie whitey undies.

I never really buy cotton underwear, but a couple of months ago I did and by golly they are the most comfortable underwear ever!

Cathy said...

I sleep in men's boxers and, on some days wear them around the house all day. I just bought some new one's last week. I'll have to check out the ladies boxers at Target.

Every women should have a gay male friend. I have a room I'm considering renting out and wish I could find someone like your Dennis to rent it to. He could whip my butt into shape and make a lady out of me. That is desperately needed!

Chris said...

Boxer briefs rule. They fit like "tighty whities" but are longer in the leg, like boxers. So they're like boxers, except form fitting instead of loose.

A Girl From Texas said...

Freebird, believe it or not, they are both....tight like briefs but like boxers, (tight shorts).. just like Chris described.

And he's right on.... they RULE.

I bought two different brands, the ones I'm wearing today are really tight fitted and have NO LINES....I don't like having to wear thongs to avoid panty lines. They arent' as comfortable as one would think.

A Girl From Texas said...

Cathy, I love my gay male friends, I have two. I lost the one I had when I left my last company.

Chadwick is taking hair cutting lessons as we speak..... so, there you have it. I'll have a fashion consultant for my clothes and my hair.

Cathy said...

Chadwick? Now that is a proper gay name isn't it? And, on top of that he is learning to cut hair. You lucky girl you!