Saturday, December 02, 2006

My not so daily "daily" plug

Ok, y'all loyal readers and lurkers. I have a link over there to the right to a blog called the Daily Nooz. If you haven't checked it out, I want to entice you to do so. They have the coolest stuff.

So anyway, I don't plug sites very often but I really like this one.

What are you waiting for?


There's nothing more here to read.


Go now........


Freebird said...

That is a fun site. I'll have to visit there more often.

A Girl From Texas said...

Did you see the one on PMS? That one is hillarious.

Freebird said...

Yes, it was hilarious.

Sweet Potato Brown said...

Hi! Sweet Potato Brown, from MuseCrisis here. I am excited to escape the confines of my own blog and escape to such locations as the Daily Nooz room, or Freebird's blogging perch of Freebird, and the blogspot for A Girl from Texas. This is a lot of fun!

A Girl From Texas said...

SPB thanks for stopping by. I was telling a friend of mine about your blog the other day. I love your writing style very much.