Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Cafferty, I don't agree

And I'm not going to go to your blog to post this either.

So, you think that Clinton is responsible for the negativity in the Democratic campaign. What negativity? As Hillary has stated, this has been been an extremely clean campaign. Both candidates have done a great job keeping their gloves on.

She is making an extremely important point in her campaign and it has been consistently stated over and over. It's this: Which candidate has the best ability to beat McCain in the upcoming election and can deal with the tough issues? One of the things the delegates and super delegates have to take into consideration is the big picture. And Hillary painted the big picture in her controversial ad. She never said anything negative about anything in that ad. Her message was clear, she can take on the role of the white house and she's not afraid to go toe-to-toe with McCain.

That is the consistent message she has been sending.

I've been listening to Obama. I like him but he doesn't really say much. What he says he says eloquently and nicely and I enjoy watching him. But he doesn't have as much substance.

I think that she should continue to hang in there until the delegates decide who their nominee is. I think this is clearly demonstrating her stamina and dedication to what she beleives. She asks a valid question, why hasn't Obama closed the deal?

Hillary has done a really good job at addressing the issues head on. She speaks clearly regarding her position on different issues. I feel like when Obama speaks, his focus is on how he sounds and presents his position and not on what he is saying.

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