Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sisterly Visits

My Sister, Sunwolfie came to see me this week. We spent our time watching movies and doing needlework. This is a lot of fun for us, even though it probably sounds boring to most of you. We did, however, manage to go out and have dinner with friends during the evening.

I took her to Dharma cafe where we had dinner with my friend/her sister-in-law. We managed to finish 2 bottles of wine between the three of us and then proceeded back to my place where I concocted a drink with Tequila and Cranberry Juice, adding triple sec to the mix. It was actually pretty tasty. I had to add sugar to the mix. I'm going to try to experiment a little with this and see if I can get it just right.

Thursday night we had steak at my friend John's.

A couple of times we stopped at the Starbucks at Gray and Shepherd hoping to have a Timmy sighting. No such luck.

Unfortunately for me, I was fighting a head cold the whole time using Nyquil and Dayquil as my only source of ammo. I was so loopy the whole time she was here. In spite of it, we had a really nice time.

Oh, and what movies did we watch? Becoming Jane, The Jane Austin Book Club, Feast of Love, Death at a Funeral, Michael Clayton, Beowolf, Enchanted and The Squid and the Whale. Thumbs down on the last one.

I was at the bookstore Friday hoping to be able to replace a book I borrowed and destroyed; and I came across a book titled Mr. Darcy's diary. Anyone know if it is a good read or not?


SunWolf said...

I had so much fun! We did manage to eat and drink a lot, didn't we? But I am happy to say, I did not put on any weight. That concoction you made up was VERY good! I am looking forward to the next time we get together. In the mean time, there's always the phone, e-mail and blogging! I love it!

A Girl From Texas said...

The only collateral damage was the glass the "concoction" was poured into.