Thursday, April 24, 2008

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So my friend, Ro, calls me about 2 days ago and excitedly tells me of an opportunity to go to Italy. Its all laid out. All we have to do is get our tickets and show up. $1600 for a round trip ticket to Naples. We can fly into Rome and maybe make it cheaper. I don't think I can swing it. We'll see.

So anyway, Ro is a soccor fan and she has skipped work and has sked me to join her at a local sports bar to watch the game and strategize a trip to Italy or some place else.

I am typing this post from my blackberry (my brother calls it a blueberry) and was inspired to do so from watching the game.

Honestly, I don't get it. How can countries, entire countries, get exited by this game. Two teams kick a ball up and down a field hoping to make at one goal more than the opposing team. A lot of the final scores are something like 2 to 1. So much work so little return.

I don't get the strategy of. The game. I'm not a big American football fan but I think its more interestng than soccor. Each play has a strategy derived from both sides. Hockey and basketball are more intresting than soccor.

I'm not debating that soccor entails skill to play. I just think there are more interstning sports.

That's my post live from Big John's Sports bar.

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Galactichero said...

There is only one sport. Everything else is just shades of hockey. Soccer is a shade of hockey for people who can't skate, can't take a real hit, and are afraid of other people chasing them with sticks.