Friday, April 01, 2005

Quality of Life

What an interesting couple of weeks for current events. Several issues seem to be competing for time on the airwaves. Schiavo, Jackson and the Pope.

I went over to Le Monde to see if the French's version of this story was going to have bias. Interestingly, it didn't. However, at the very end of the editorial I read the writer brought up a very interesting story. Apparently, there was a family who had an 8 year old on life support similar to Ms. Schiavo's and the family could not afford to continue the support. During this same time period, the family had to make the same painful decision to stop the treatment. The Religious Right had no interest in getting involved. What I don't understand about the religious right is first their constant obsession and reminder that there is this wonder afterlife and then, when someone like Ms. Schiavo is in such as horrible state, they want to delay as long as possible her passing into that wonderful life. Where is the protection of quality of life? Ah, yes, according to the religious zelots, we are not to value our life here. We are to sacrifice our life; except for Terry. She was supposed to keep her vegitative state of mind and her husband was expected to actually uphold that as legitimate "living" and protect it as such.

How ironic that while this is happening the Pope is passing away. Anyone keeping him on life support?

And then there's the Michael Jackson trial. My position on this is that MJ is innocent; at least in this particular case. I can't speak for his character as a whole. I don't know him. But I do believe, wholeheartedly, that he is a victim of extortion. I hope that the jury sees this as well and acquits him of this allegation. I realize I am the minority here on this issue. But then I also agreed with the O.J. verdict. I don't think that OJ is innocent, I just don't believe that the prosecution EARNED a "guilty" verdict. The prosecution and judge on this trial turnd the whole thing into an opportunity to promote themselves and their agendas. OJ's life was on the line and I would much rather have him back on the streets than allow a guilty verdict be won in such a manner.

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