Thursday, June 16, 2005

Put a fork in him - he's done

Up to this point, Bush could do no wrong, well at least to me he couldn't. And pretty much, he's been low key lately; but Perry our Governor has not been. Though I know Perry is one person and Bush is another, they are both of the same party. So, connecting a few things: 1) Bush's involvement in the Schiavo case; 2) Jeb Bush's statements lately regarding Schiavo, 3) Bush's statements regarding stem cell research , 4) Governor Perry's recent signing of the bill requiring minors to get parental concent prior to abortion,...... I see a pattern. These guys are very much controlled by the Religious Right.

Howard Dean recently stated that the Republican Party was just a party of White Christians. He may have appropriately said White Christian Men....but I think it was just White Christians. Howard Dean has been on target a lot lately. I just hope there is more behind his rhetoric and position than anger and indignation towards the Republican Party.

My anger towards Bush is his stupidity regarding playing along with the Religious Right. Even though he himself hasn't done all the things I listed above, he's the Commander in Chief and he is a Replublican; it may as well be him, it doesn't matter who is doing what. He's turned me away and angered me. If he's turned me away, me being an avid "Bush can do no wrong" "I want to marry the man" supporter, how many others has he concerned with his support of the Religious Right?

So, here we are. He needs Bolton voted on, I don't give a damned what Bush wants anymore. If Bolton isn't nominated is this the end all be all of National Security? No, I don't think so. So if the Dems say we want another candidate, I think they are being reasonable in this request. Hell, I'll just write my senator about it.

As far as I'm concerned, Bush just wants his way; and that's a far cry from "what's best for the country".

So now my anger at Bush is that he has given the Religious Right much of what they wanted and now he expects to be able to take care of the business of running this country with the Democrat's support. I'm not so angry that they don't want to support him. He has shoved his religious principles and rhetoric down our throats; I say "screw you". Look at the position YOU have put us in now.


Bush is over there bombing the hell out of Iraq and giving the Religious Right power over here in the U.S. Can anyone say "Hypocrite"? I can't explain it other than this: all the enthusiasm, love and passion I have had for this man has sprouted wings and flown out the window. I hope it was all worth it, George. Because from where I stand, I see you as a sell out.

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