Sunday, June 05, 2005

Abortion - Parental Consent

Well, Gov. Perry signed a bill meant to impose more limitations on abortion and he signed it in a church school gymnasium.

I've been naive. All this time I thought the Republican party courted the religious right, but didn't necessarily want to accommodate them. Signing the bill is one thing; doing it in a church is totally different. They are blatently declaring that they're strings are being pulled by the Religious Right.I have been such an avid supporter of Bush and now I could care less. I know that by supporting them as much as I have been I'm supporting their religious impositions on my life.

I wonder if this actually means I'm going to find myself voting for a Democrat? I've never done it before. But the thing about "swing" voters, if indeed I am one, is that swing voters seem to make their minds up at the last minute. Both parties are aware that whatever they do that turns a swing voter away only matters if elections are close by.

I'm really disappointed with this party.

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