Sunday, June 26, 2005

Supreme Court OK's granting private property to Private Businesses

I'm surprised that there isn't more fallout from this decision. When I initially read the article on CNN, I kept thinking I was reading about a decision that took place in England...I think because the city in question was New London, CT. It was early in the morning, my mind wasn't totally awake. Does England even have a Supreme Court?

My theory is that people, including myself, are under the impression that once the Supreme Court decides something, it's done. Only the Supreme Court can reverse the ruling. If one doesn't like what the Supreme Court decides, who do they go to to change it?

What most people probably didn't catch is that the conservative judges voted against this. The public's opinion of the conservative party, an opinion that is fed by the left, is that the Republicans are the friends of big business. And here, it is the more liberal judges that voted to grant private property to private businesses.

This ruling is sick.

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